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SKE48 18th single: the last to include Matsui Rena

At a recent theater event, SKE48’s 18th single was announced.  With Matsui Rena’s earlier graduation announcement a week before, this will also be the last single to feature Matsui Rena.

As of the time of writing, the title is yet undecided, and will feature four different versions; however, it will go on sale on August 12th, 2015, correlating very closely with Matsui Rena’s planned graduation date (also sometime in August).

Personal feelings aside (or perhaps not really), as with the graduation of members from AKB48, it’s always sad to see the earlier generations graduate.  With regards to Rena in particular, it’s also notable that her unofficial “duo” with Matsui Jurina will also be coming to an end.  I’d imagine it’d be hard also for people who came to SKE48 fandom through Rena as well.





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  • h36113

    I like the Noguzaka-Station-picture you used for the article.

    • reika

      Thanks! It’s very nice picture of Rena, I think.