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AKB Beautiful Face Ranking

Rekomen is a regular AM radio show which airs in Japan, and with the recent AKB election wrapped up, they recently conducted their own survey: The AKB Beautiful Face Election! Here are the results.

It does not say exactly how the ranking selection was conducted, other than that the MCs for the Rekomen radio show tallied votes from listeners, and then offered their own commentary.  Whether you agree with the ranking is totally up to you, but I suspect this has some issues with personal preference and a slightly diminished sample size of AM radio listeners.

Here’s the final ranking!

1. Matsui Jurina

2. Shimazaki Haruka

3. Watanabe Miyuki

4. Yamamoto Sayaka

5. Matsumura Kaori

6. Matsui Rena

7. Watanabe Mayu

8. Kato Rena

9. Tomoyoshi Asuka

10. Kamata Natsuki

11. Goudo Saki

12. Goto Izumi

13. Murashige Anna

14. Kitahara Rie

15. Ishida Haruka

16. Shiraishi Mai

17. Yokoyama Yui

18. Takeuchi Ayaka

Jun 6, 2015: *thanks purplebunnykawaii. I should be more careful (^^;

18. Takeuchi Saki

19. Ego Yuna

20. Goto Risako

Honestly, I do not even recognize half of these girls f(^^; Do you agree with the result?

Author: reika

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  • h36113

    But Harukyan´s twitter is can2525can

    I´m not sure about Jurina. Is that her official account?

    • reika

      Oh, okay. I didn’t always use official accounts.

      Also I think Jurina does not have a twitter?

  • Jack

    It seems a lot of Jurina and Paruru oshi. I think that’s Miru in number 13.

    • reika

      Lol, I was hoping no one would notice (^^;
      Even the guy say, “Why does Mirurun look like Murashige”

  • Sam

    I agree 100%…..well, maybe 99%…. mmmm well well I agree 98.5546% xD

    • reika

      lol, I wish Hoshino Minami was on the list! (^_^

      • Sam

        Me too, she so pretty as well. I always been secretly in love with Yamada Nana, I know she might not be the prettiest one but she has something I just can’t resist..So sad she is now graduated, and the saddest part, now she could get a boyfriend! the biggest trauma for a wota… hahaha

  • callista

    I think the Murashige Anna pic is wrong, that’s Shiroma Miru!

    • reika

      lol, of course, you are correct (^_^

    • yeah :v i think so..

  • Nah

    LOL…kaotan 5th………

    • reika

      lol, yes, it’s her highest rank ever!

  • yuna

    Yay paruru in 2nd place XD

  • jell0

    NO KOJIHARU!?!?!?! Are you joking???

  • Uh… No Kojiharu and Mayu only 7th ? I can’t disagree more with that ranking… 😡