NMB48, Durian Shounen

Durian Shounen’s CD cover gets mixed reactions

NMB48’s 12th single, “Durian Shonen”, features a durian.  It is a unique, spiky looking fruit with a distinct smell.  It is only natural it would appear on the CD cover, right?!

The interesting thing about durian is that they seem to originate form South East Asia, so it’s a little funny that the shooting of NMB’s latest single took place in Taiwan.  Close enough, and the climate is probably just about right, I suspect.

While I’m not familiar with Taiwan, looking at NMB’s official press photos concerning the filming and photography of the single, the background certainly looks like it could be from some part of South East Asia.  Behold:

NMB48, Durian Shounen
(c) NMB48
NMB48, Durian Shounen
(c) NMB48

But, a recent 2ch thread comments on the recent publicly released CD covers, as shown on the official NMB48 website, which prominently feature the fruit.

Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type A
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type A, (c) NMB48
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type B
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type B, (c) NMB48
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type C
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Type C, (c) NMB48
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Theater Version
Durian Shounen, CD Cover, Theater Version, (c) NMB48

Some of the comments about the new covers:

  • Sayanee’s treatment is pretty sadness. (さや姉の扱いがさすがに気の毒…)
  • The cover pictures are like some stupid puzzle. (ジャケ写クソ謎なんだが)
  • I don’t want to see the Durian Shounen. Put pictures of the members! (ドリアン少年なんて見たくないんだよ。メンバー載せろよ)
  • What the hell is with the Theater version?! (劇場盤のジャケ写なんやねんこれ)
  • Riripon is so cute, so we’re safe (りりぽんかわいいからセーフ)
  • Is this a solo debut? (ソロデビューかな?)
  • It’s cute, but if I took quick look at this, I wouldn’t know it was NMB48 (かわいいけど、パッと見NMBて分からないかもしれない)
  • I guess it can be helped that that durian looks like a sumo wrestler (ドリアンがスーモ君に見えてしょうがない)

Source: http://www.giogio48.com/archives/45212748.html

CD Cover Image Source: http://nmb48.com/discography/12th_single.html#01, (c) NMB48

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