HKT48, Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

HKT48 to appear in Tokyo Idol Festival

It’s been announced that HKT48 will take part in Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, scheduled to take place on August 1st, 2015.

This is rather popular annual idol event, brought to you by the Tokyo Idol project. It seems that last year, over 138 groups (with 957 members) participated. Last years event had an attendance of over 41,000 people. 2015 will make the third year that HKT48 has participated in the festival.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

Pretty mind boggling since I can’t even name more than 10 idol groups off the top of my head. What’s also interesting is that there also appears that there is some kind of special ticket for foreigners and those who decide to drop in at the event without pre-ordering tickets. Perhaps to promote a wider audience to this sub-culture of entertainment?

Also, as a sign of the growing popularity, it seems that the idol festival is moving to a much larger venue space located in Tokyo’s Odaiba area. Compare this to the tiny stage where HKT48 performed in 2013 (they are performing Suki Suki Skip!):


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