AKB fan, old sasshi fans

The odd and interesting types of AKB fans

News coverage of the recent AKB election by “Minna No News” reveals a slew of interesting types and genre of fans.

The news report starts off on election day, by interviewing a random set of fans near Yahoo Auction Dome.

The first set of fans appear to be a large group of Sashihara Rino supporters, conspicuously dressed in yellow T-Shirts.  It’s later revealed that this group of fans has an average age of 47 years old!  Whether this holds true for Sasshi fans in general is obviously not stated.  But none-the-less, judgements aside, it’s … “unique” to say the least.

AKB fan, old sasshi fans
“Average age: 47 years old”

In the next segment, a reporter notices that while the election is happening, a lot of people seem to already be leaving the area.  Upon stopping one fan and asking him why, he replies, “I’m a little old, so….”.  The age issue rears its head again!

AKB fan, I'm old
“I’m pretty old, so…”

With regards to age, we see a little girl and her father also leaving early.  When asked why, the little girl replies, “I want to eat ice cream.”  Clearly, she has her priorities straight!

AKB fan, I want to eat ice cream
“I want to eat ice cream”

But one last interview seems to reveal yet another interesting type of fan: the one who only buys CDs for the handshake event tickets, which I wrote about a little in a previous article.

  • Fan: “I’m not an AKB fan.  I’m a Mayuyu fan.  If Mayuyu isn’t in AKB, I wouldn’t follow AKB”.
  • News: “The next single will feature Sashihara-san as the center though….”
  • Fan: “I’ll buy it because it has a handshake event ticket.  But I probably won’t listen to it.”
Mayuyu fan only
“I’ll buy the single because it include a handshake ticket. But I probably won’t listen to it”

And the last type of fan, who I like to call the “third wheel” type of fan.  He’s invited out for dinner with a group of his friends while they talk about the election.  Unfortunately, he is not an AKB fan.  When questioned, he says, “I was invited, so I went, but I can’t follow it.”  When his friends break out in cheer for their oshimens, he again restates, “I don’t get it.”

AKB fan, I don't get it
“I don’t get it”

I can relate.  Perhaps someday, I’ll talk about my peculiar position in this fandom.

Original news report:

Source: http://geinolabo.ldblog.jp/archives/5043823.html

Source: http://akb48sokuhou.doorblog.jp/archives/55274487.html

Author: reika

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  • h36113

    Very interesting.

    On top of that some more “types” on concerts

    Photo-fans that don´t mind the concert, but enjoy phototrading beforehand (of course with hundrets of other photo-otakus and mainly just this-event-photos.
    There are people with trolleys full of photos that set up little shops there, in a dark corner, where normal people don´t go. I was kind of shocked what amounts of money were spent by individuals on photos.
    5 photos 1050 Yen = 1 pack
    10 packs limit per run

    And not only some went right to the start of the queue to get in line again.

    People with disabilities
    Regarding large concerts they might be the second largest group of visitors.
    While japanese males are the largest.

    I think there are maybe 1% women at AKB48 concerts, but I think its less, more like .3 to.6%
    But they were all cute.

    The smallest group of fans at a concert.

    • reika

      Absolute there are many other more types of fan (^^ I just covered what the news report said.

      Jerry is more photo fan than me. It seems like a big industry now, dark corner sounds scary, haha.

      Also I’m surprised that many foreigners like AKB. Especially I see articles that there are many Chinese fans of Sasshi!

      • h36113

        Photos of AKB is a big deal.
        I was at Saiatama Arena this year in March.
        They sold pictures on every concert-day (so on all two).
        Maybe on the handshake days too, don´t know about that.

        I got in line one day pretty early and got number ~690. I suppose everyone in front of me bought 10 packs of pictures = 50 pix = 10500 Yen * 700 = 7 Million yen = 60.000 Euros/ US dollars

        I got in line later again, just to kill some time, and then I got number 2300.
        You figure the rest.

        At merch I got me two towels, a penlight, a Shimada button, two t-shirts (and two packs of pictures before)
        So I spend 20.000 yen and the ticket was only 8800 yen.

        I think it´s a fair assumption to think everyone in the concert spend 10k yen on merch or pcitures, and there were what? 25.000 visitors? 250 M yen = 2 million dollars = 1.8 million euros

        Suppose the OB van and cameratech with personnel was 300k $, they had 300 staff of 10$/hour for 8 to 10 hours.
        Some more expensive staff, the rent for the arena, building the stage.

        I´m fascinated by these numbers, so maybe I´m an AKB statistics-fan 🙂

        • reika

          I see. These are official photos sales? Sounds like big business!

          I recently read article about election in Fukuoka. It was about economic effect of election on the Kyushuu area.

          For non local people, average cost of hotel and other expenses was about 16,000 yen. That probably does not include ticket or fan goods.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    That’s awesome i hope they create a short documentary about the 48 family fans someday, there is also a fan who loves AKB, watches their videos, defends his/her oshi online from haters, has a social media account for 48G purposes but haven’t voted in SSK’s and bought CD’s. Very vocal fans but too broke to buy some 48G merch *cough* me *cough* students *cough* ^_^

    • reika

      lol, yes, I only buy one CDs usually! I guess I’m not good fan.

      ganbatte! I’m poor student too lol