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Kashiwagi Yuki completely ignores scandal

After a long bout of silence on all her social networking profiles, Yukirin returns, completely ignoring all mentions of the Tegoshi scandal.

It’s hard to suppress personal opinions on such a topic but, whether this is a good move or a bad move, I can’t really tell.  For those following Yukirin’s twitter feed, you’ll notice an extremely long gap between the day the scandal was reported by Shukan Bunshun (on June 8th), up until her recent recording on Tabi Shojo (with Watanabe Mayu).  As shown from her twitter feed:

Kashiwagi Yuki Twitter feed Gap
That’s a long time of nothing!!

She goes absolutely silent for the space of about one week, between June 8th and June 15th. That, in addition to her absence from a handshaking event during that time period, sent AKB idol fans going crazy!

Regardless of whether the scandal was true or not, there don’t seem to be any consequences. And whether consequences are even justified is just an entirely different subject. Her first tweet after the long silence was about her filming of Tabi Shojo. Unfortunately, responses from 2ch and twitter are really not that nice. Here is a very small sample of some the “nicer” comments:

  • Dama-rin! (a portmanteau of damasu, which means to deceive, and Yukrin; だまりん)
  • You’re not a rain bringing girl, you’re Tegoshi’s girl! (雨女じゃなくて手越の女だろが)
  • I can’t take this (もうダメだ)
  • A woman who’s fine with just deceiving people (人を騙して平気な女)
  • Mushi-rin (another portmanteau of “mushi”, which means to ignore, and Yukirin; 無視りん)
  • She’s complete done as an idol (完全にアイドルとして終わったな)
  • Who are you going with? (誰と行くんですか?)
  • Are you going to Hakone with Tegoshi? (手越と箱根に行く?)

Regardless, it seems that Yukirin has weathered this one out, as it seems she has resumed her normal activities and social networking updates. I’m glad she’s back, but we’ll see if this has any effect on her popularity or future prospects.

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