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Kojima shares thoughts on this year’s Election speeches

On a late night radio show starring members of no3b, Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami provide their feedback about sousenkyo speeches, with the recent election over the previous week.

This comes courtesy of the late night radio broadcast Shukan No Sleeves which aired on June 14th, 2015, and a recent 2ch thread points out a few notable lines and moments. The broadcast is currently available to listen via youtube (no English Subtitles, however):

For the first half of the segment, it focuses on the recently election, most notably, each persons rank and their respective speeches. Kojiharu, who has a reputation for being rather honest, has quite a few things to say about the election in general. Minami also chimes in with regards to Takamina’s speech. What follows as small subset of quotes.

Kojima: “Takamina, your character was really strange” (たかみなはキャラが変だった). In context, Kojiharu is referring to the way Takamina talks during her speech, noting that some of her use of casual (vs formal) language she uses to transition between parts of her speech made her sound kind of “brazen” (生意気).

Kojima: “Takamina’s speech was long. Why did you talk for 8 minutes?” (たかみなのスピーチは長かった。どうしたら8分喋れるの?). Some 2ch commentators state they didn’t feel the length was too long at all (nor did I). But, at 8 minutes, Takamina’s speech is technically one of the longer speeches.

Minegishi: “When everyone tells you let’s say ‘Hard work will always be rewarded’ together, they’re really making fun of you, you know” (努力は必ず報われるをファンが一緒に言おうってたかみなに言ってくるのはバカにしてるからだからね). I’m not sure I quite agree with this one, though in other TV shows, such as AKBINGO!, Takamina’s famous words are often the brunt of some jokes. Takamina even mentions this, during her speech, saying that her words are too ideal, suggesting that they’re not always taken seriously.

Kojima: “Everyone’s (speech) was so long. Even though they said good things, when another speech came, I though, ‘Another long one coming’. Because of that length, eventually nothing was said” (みんなほんと長くて、良いこと言ったのに、またもう一山やろうとするの。それが長くてなんにも言わないの結果。逆に). Here, Kojima is probably referring to the fact that the earlier speeches were extremely long, so it cut off the length for the later speeches. As a result of speech length, it had the opposite effect of not being able to say anything meaningful in the later speeches.

Takahashi: “I was really worried about Yokoyama’s speech” (横山のスピーチに心配になった). This goes without saying, as several other threads have mentioned that Yokoyama’s speech, while really reminiscent of Yui herself, failed to inspire. Takamina also mentions her worries here, as she is preparing Yokoyama for position as the next General Manager.

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