AKB48, real idols

Kami 6 much too old? What real idols should be like!

When you take Sakura out of the top 7 AKB48 members, you’re left with what appears to be a much older Kami 6.

Another exception, is Jurina of course, who is still 18.  We covered this previously when Sashihara noted her opinion on the appropriate age of idols.  Ages of Kami 6, noted above:

[table] Name, age
Sashihara Rino, 22

Kashiwagi Yuki, 23

Watanabe Mayu, 21

Takahashi Minami, 24

Matsui Jurina, 18

Yamamoto Sayaka, 21

This comes courtesy of a recent 2ch thread. The Kami 6 appear recently on a TV Tokyo show, and one viewer notes: “This doesn’t seem like what idols should be. I guess idols only last until 20.”

AKB48 Kami6, 神6
Are these idols too old?

Other commentators go on to agree and disagree, while others post what “real” idols should be. What follows is a selection of comments.


“Everyone except Mayu and Jurina aren’t looking so good.”

“Can you look at this and still say Sasshi is ugly?”

Sashihara RIno, さっしってブス
Sashihara RIno, さっしってブス

“Is that Mayuyu in the middle? Quite some deterioration…”

“Mayuyu and Sayanee look great.”

“Last year was much better”

AKB48 ばいとる

The thread then takes a turn, and commentators start posting what they believe to be “true” idols. The photographic proof:

AKB48, real idols

AKB48, real idols

AKB48, real idols

I don’t necessarily disagree with them, but it’s really a matter of preference and perspective.

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  • Mechabolt

    Theres such things as bad lighting,bad angle,and individual’s make up.You can see they’re sweating in this picture and that will definitely affect the pictures.

    To be honest,other than Takamina(who has always been a little meh on attractiveness) and Sashi(who has interesting face at best) the rest of them looked great,especially Mayu and Kashiwagi.

    Also that one picture of sashi looked filtered.Sashi has NEVER looked that good in anything she’s been on.Not her eyes,not her skin,and definitely not THAT lips.

    • reika

      lol, yes, i think you are correct (^^) I’m sure there is always some photo correcting, especially when I watch members post on google+. Sometimes make ups show the members completely differently!

      But I also thought they looked cute anyways!

  • Guest

    Nah honestly I like that AKB members average age are older than other idol groups of similar genre and that they maintain their popularity compare to the 16 yrs old something. I think it’s pretty ageist and sexist the way idol fans can act toward idols who are in their 20s like they expired or something and became old ladies at that age but we got Arashi or SMAP who doesn’t really get the same flack for being old guys lol I think idols in their 20s are easier to relate to than some 14 yrs old kid. Maybe it’s just the mindset of fans that like these “traditional” image of an idol but it’s 2015. Recently there are many different new groups that are different from traditional idol like Egirls, Momoclo, Babymetal, other vocal/dance groups etc. so I think it’s good if the idol image change too.

  • And here we are again with sexist Japan…
    Male idols have the right to date and be old but they immediately make a big deal of it when it’s female idols. Wake up people, we’re in 2016 already. It’s time to open your eyes and stop being so narrow-minded.