Nakamura Mariko,中村麻里子,Komari,こまり,Shimada Haruka,島田晴香,Haruu,はるぅ,島ちゃん

AKB48 Unranked Member Documentary, The Non Fiction

Fuji TV broadcasts documentary that focuses on AKB48’s unranked members, Shimada Haruka and Nakamura Mariko. Here are some quotes and reactions to the show.

The show, called, “The Non-Fiction”, aired on June 21st, and focuses on two prominently unranked AKB members, Shimada Haruka and Nakamura Mariko, and it seems to have garnered rather favorable reactions online.

Looking over it, it’s quite…. sad.  It covers a few aspects of each person’s daily lives, and also follows some of their fans and families reactions, and even footage from the most recent election was included.  Here’s a collection of some of the highlights.


When asked: “Do you feel the need to compete, in order to stay alive?” Shimada’s response: “If you don’t compete, you’ll just be left behind.  There would be no meaning to be in AKB.”.

Shimada Haruka
“I think at first, I wasn’t really that serious”.
“I thought it looks like I’d be able to do well here, so that’s why I’m able to continue”
At a handshaking event: “For the amount of one CD, we’re receiving money….”
"So, in that 10 second time, I want to to make them feel that it was good to pay that money"
“So, in that 10 second time, I want to to make them feel that it was good to pay that money”

The documentary then shifts to one of Shimada’s fans, a divorced  toy maker, named Tanaka Hiromasa (age 47), as shown here:


Another interesting tidbit is that, for each election, he rents a room from Shimada’s parents, who own and operate a ryokan, or Japanese-style inn.  This is also one of the fans who Kojima Haruna notes is a “nice person”:

“That Shimada wota is a nice person”

The next segment follows Haruka at a photo event, where she unfortunately is stationed right next to the much more popular Watanabe Mayu.

Of course! Everyone goes toward Mayuy's side, don't they.
Of course! Everyone goes toward Mayuy’s side, don’t they.

f1b45a45 3f265bc6 1a3e308b “Sometimes they accidentally step to this side.”

“It makes your head spin a little. ”

“You’re next to last year’s #1, and last year’s unranked.”

The documentary then switches sides to Nakamura Mariko, who is first in dance practice, and then seen taking the train. Unlike more popular members who’s appearance on public transit would cause mass hysteria, Nakamura explains: “Taking a taxi would cost too much money”. d4c9eee0 It’s also revealed that Nakamura, in addition to her idol activities, is also attending a local college.

When asked about why she was attending college, she had this to say: “At first, people say, ‘Huh?! Is that like your fallback, going to college?’ From other’s perspective, that might be a means to run away (and survive). But I didn’t choose this to run away.”

The documentary continues onward through the election prelims, to which both Shimada and Nakamura were not called. Then onward to the ending of the election itself, and we see Nagao Mariya (in the same generation) consoling Shimada, who was again not ranked: 9328e8d3 9112c787 With regards to reactions about the show, Shimada posts this on her twitter feed:

“I was watching The Non Fiction. More than my portions, I was very touched by my fans comments. I hope you’ll know a little more about me, and I’d be very happy if you know more about other members, besides me, who are trying their best”.

Similarly, Nakamura Mariko’s reaction:

“I was watching the non-fiction at my house. Really, my fans, and people around me are supporting me. I really hope that you’ll come to know each individual AKB48 member. Even if we’re unranked, we’re not failures. Everyone wants to shine.”

Author: reika

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  • h36113

    Would it be too much for you to translate the whole show?
    That piece could go onto the next AKB48 documentary as Bonus track, it was really well done.
    I now hope to find this Tanaka-san´s twitter or line, maybe we can meet at a concert.

    • reika

      I will ask Jerry, maybe he can do it (^^)

    • Yup, it’ll be a few days, so sit tight 😉

  • Mechabolt

    I find it weird that Shimada Haruka has never been ranked.She seems to show up on many shows and appearances,genuinely enjoy being there and having fun.And she looked more popular and recognizable than maybe 50+% of all the new members.

    Also i second translating the show,even roughly.This looks interesting and i wouldnt know this documentary exist if its not shown here,thanks!

    • I don’t normally sub TV shows, but I’ll make an exception in this case. It’ll be a few days, so stay tuned!

      • Mechabolt

        Oh man,thanks! you guys are great.

      • Payuyu Fortyeight

        Thank you akbzine! Not a fan of both but they’ve always been one of the girls that i respect and this article is so interesting i want to know more.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    It’s good to know that nakamura goes to college even if she’s an idol, well nobody can take away your degree ever so i’m so proud of nakamura. Shimada on the other hand, when i entered this fandom, i saw her a lot on AKB shows i really thought she was popular and all..she deserves to rank any other hardworking member. This episode is a bit sad…but i’d love to see this one subbed ^^

    • reika

      Not only Shimada, but I felt same about other 9th generations member. But it seems only famous ones from 9th generations are Paruru and Yui-han.

      I think maybe you saw it already, but jerry finished subtitles of the documentary!

      • Payuyu Fortyeight

        Yeah a lot of 9th generation members aren’t really that you yamauchi suzuran, takeuchi miyu, mariyagi, oba mina. Other 9th gens are either ranking so low or climbing but not really focused by management. Yea only paruru and yuihan are the most popular and currently one of the powerful next gen members

        • MyNameIsFire

          I think Yamauchi ranked…dunno? Her first Ranking was a 36.

          • Payuyu Fortyeight

            yea she did but she started goin low? in the past i forgot abt her rank in the 2015 ssk

          • MyNameIsFire

            Well, at least she ranked.

  • គួយៗ កាឡុង តិនតុង

    how to watch ?

  • MyNameIsFire

    I really wonder…they’re both gorgeous, sweet, hard-working, good performers, and all that… why haven’t they ranked?