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Akimoto scolds Yokoyama Yui for her terrible speech

Yuihan reveals what Akimoto Yasushi thought of her speech in the most recently Sousenkyo Generation Election 2015.  In short, it seems Aki-P didn’t care too much for Yokoyama’s speech’s style.

This comes care of a recent free concert that took place in Osaka on June 20th, 2015.  One of the talk segments, Yokoyama speaks of an experience she had while having dinner with AKB48’s Producer, Akimoto Yasushi, and current General Manager, Takahashi Minami.

If you missed Yokoyama Yui’s speech, you can watch it here.

Yokoyama Yui, 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo
Get a hold of yourself Yui-han!

“Akimoto-sensei said to me, ‘Yokoyama, your speech was really terrible. Takamina’s was good’.  But then he also said, ‘That difference from Takamina can also be a good thing’.  So, if you want a well done speech, look at the younger members, and hopefully I can just pass by.”

General consensus seems to note that a General Manager should be a little more composed, as many considered Yokoyama’s speech a “broadcast incident.”  With a mere six months remaining for Yuihan to take the lead, when she asks Mukaichi Mion, “Just six more months, so fast. I wonder if it’ll be okay.”, Mion quickly replies, “No, No, No!”

It’ll be interesting to see how the group holds up once Takamina has left.

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  • Rolling Guy

    Man, I love seeing Yuiham get emotional on stage. I don’t know why they don’t like it. She’s pretty composed in other events. Let her at least show it here where the fans see how their idols react to their dedication and loyalty to them.

    • reika

      oh I know what you mean! I really enjoyed Yuihan’s speeches too. I if it’s because people compare her too much to Takamina’s methods, even though she has her own style.