Okay, Twitter abounds with really supportive Yukirin fans!

I got a lot of “feedback” for a previous article which, very clearly as the title suggested, had a smattering of angry comments from Yukirin fans.  Well, here’s another spin on it.

First, I just want to apologize if anyone felt bothered by the previous article.  It wasn’t my intention to get people riled up.

As a pseudo-defense (but more like an excuse), I’d dare say that most of the news articles I write include very little of my own opinion.  It is mostly just translation and summarization of things I read on the internet (which, you know, is just full of 100% objective sources, truths, and facts, right?).

The original articles and threads may very well be opinionated (source article URLs are always listed at the end of each article, with very few exceptions), and please always keep in mind that confirmation bias will be pretty strong when it comes to something as emotional as the idols we love.

My opinion on the article? The tweets from the original article are very tame.  If you look at the responses to Yukirin’s first tweet after her ’bout of silence, a LOT of it is not very nice.  We’re talking sexual innuendo, death threats, creepy comments, and other very inappropriate things.  I prefer to keep things relatively PG-13 when writing stuff.  In that sense, I did indeed, “cherry pick”.

And hey, don’t like something you read here?  That’s what the comment box is for! We welcome all opinions, even if we don’t agree with them. Thoughtful comments mean thoughtful discussion.

But anyhow, as an apology of sorts, let’s look at the more supportive comments from Yukirin fans! These were all gleaned from Yukirin’s Twitter feed.

“People who are posting on Yukirin’s Twitter, please try not to post critical and enraged comments. This is Yukirin’s world, a place where people who really love Yukirin gather. Please don’t try to stir that up”

“Yukirin, welcome back. Everyone was waiting for you!”

“Yukirin, good morning! Thanks for your hard work in Nagano Prefecture for the Tabi-shojo recording. Please keep your wonderful smile, and do your best today!”

“I was waiting for your Yukirin! That’s because I still believe in you”

“Welcome back Kashiwagi-san!! 🙂 How are you???”

“It’s Yukirin! Great. Don’t pay attention to the haters, do your best. I’m supporting you. I’ll always love you!!”

“Yukirin! To us, you are the greatest. When we think you’re doing your best, we’re also able to do our best. Please stay as you are, Yukirin. That’s because the vote from the elections is our love. Being loved that much is an incredible thing. We’ll always be waiting for you.”

“Yukirin! Welcome back—! Good luck with the shooting”

“Do things properly, and just try your best! I want you to be your usual, smiling Yukirin, okay?”

“Fans be trippin, cut her some slack!”

* okay, that last translation was a little stylized, but the gist is the same, promise (^^

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Thank you

    Well I didn’t mean anything bad by it but it does annoy me that when idols get into dating scandals, people tend to focus on the “no life creepy fans” than the supportive ones when I’ve seen many supports for past scandals. It kinda paint all the fans as these obsessive weirdos and idol fans seem to get bad rep for these you know ^^;.. But anyway thx lol

    • reika

      Oh, did you send a message before? There was about 7 or 8 messages from the Facebook page from last article, so I felt should writing this (^_^) Because normally there are 0 messages, lol.

      You’re are definitely right though, as there are many many types of fans out there (^^)

    • seriously, yours was probably the nicest comment we got, haha. don’t sweat it.