Shinoda Mariko graduation,篠田麻里子 卒業

Things change after graduating from being an Otaku!

An former Otaku talks about his experiences after he “graduates” and leave behinds his money-consuming passion altogether. So, what changes after leaving otaku-ism?

Courtesy of 2ch, as usual. Whether this refers specifically to being an AKB otaku is not made clear, though later comments seem to suggest that this is the case. Though, this may as well apply to any type of overly passionate hobby. Some of the comments are helpful, some funny, and some unfortunate.

“Let’s talk about what’s changed. First, myself. I found more time and myself to spend on myself. I became more confident. I become more positive. I’m so glad I graduated from being an otaku!”

“What did you come here for?”

“Let’s graduate from being otaku!”

“Once a wota. Always a wota”

“Instead of being 2ch all the time, it’s better to play Mario Kart or something”

“I stopped buying CDs. I stopped going to handshaking events. I’m now obsessed with the sex industry”

“Even if you’re happy with life, since you’re still coming to 2-channel, you’re still probably an otaku!”

Okay, I don’t understand yet, but someday I’ll graduate too. But for now, I have a nice pile of CDs/DVDs and posters! AH!

Author: reika

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