AKB48 Unranked Member Documentary (English subtitles)

This is a documentary that focuses on AKB48’s unranked members Shimada Haruka and Nakamura Mariko. English subtitles included.

A few things to note:

  • Press the “CC” button on the player to show the subs!!

  • The timing is really terrible in the beginning. It gets better after a few minutes though, so hopefully this is watchable.
  • This is an embedded youtube video from someone’s channel, so it could be taken down anytime.
  • Subs will probably not work on mobile. Sorry

Otherwise, enjoy!

Download the softsub here. Maybe someone can fix the timing 😉

Author: jerry

Sometimes editor. Sometimes translator. Mostly a proofreader. I like Japan and things.

  • h36113

    Thank you a lot!
    Would you have softsubs? I´d like to preserve The Nonfiction.

    • Yup, I’ll update the post with a link to the softsub a little later.

      • Abid Amrulloh

        thanks for your hardwork guys!
        I’ll wait for the softsub.

  • Jack

    It’s pretty heartbreaking. A lot of girls in the group and not enough spots. 🙁

    • Yah, it’s an unfortunate reality 🙁 They did extend it though, didn’t though? I don’t think it used to go to 2 years ago?

      • Mechabolt

        The last couple of years was 80 spots and before that the highest was 64 spots,you’re right.

        Although i don’t think more spots would matter tbh.The rate of gaining and pushing new faces to the front to replace the senpais is the problem.

  • Mechabolt

    I figure i’ll watch a couple minutes of it before go to work.BAM,The first scene is heavy 🙁

    Also,thanks for this.Hopefully won’t be taken down anytime soon.

    • haha, i tried doing the same, ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting!

      • Mechabolt

        Not sure if you know this,but do you know the reception this documentary is getting in Japan?

        I feel this is quite well done to show some of the non-glamor side of AKB(and probably entertainment business in general).And definitely showed the resolve and hard-working nature of the girls.

        • Hm, I honestly don’t follow the news that closely, so gonna have to ask reika about that one.

          Yes, the non-glamorous back stage story… I mean, I think we all kinda knew that stuff goes on already, but it’s really different seeing on screen.

          On another note, not sure if people know in general, but the Nonfiction is a documentary series that covers different topics for each show. Its actually won a lot of awards for its previous shows, so yeah, it’s pretty well done all around.

          • Mechabolt


  • Sarah underwood

    So fast! Thanks for the translation guys! (or girls!)

    • you’re welcome, enjoy it!

  • yesyesyes

    can’t you give link for download?

  • Astaroth

    I had an idea, why dont you contact with show48.com and upload the video with sub there?
    That page contain most of the 48G tv shows, MV, Doramas and other videos with subs from different Subs Teams (sorry for my english, is not so good)

    And thanks for the subs 😀

    • Ah, good suggestion. Actually, I don’t normally sub TV shows, so maybe I’ll try that another time.

  • HDreamer

    Video is already down, anyone know where I can find the raw?

    • Not sure about where to find the raw, but I’ve replaced the video with another one from YT, so hopefully it works.

    • Jan Pietersen

      I used this one:

  • Kim23

    Thank you for posting the video and subbing it. I slightly edited the subs timing here is the link. http://www.mediafire.com/download/j4j3xk5ym6yu6yk/TheNonFiction_v3.srt

    • Wow, awesome!! Thanks for doing that!

      Looks like video is down, but I’ll check this out when I get back home 😀

  • Rika

    I showed this to my brother who isn’t a fan of AKB at all. He told me to not show him this anymore cause it was sad and unfair. My brother really doesn’t give his opinion on most of the things I show him, neither does he ever show emotion (which he didn’t on this video, he just sighed). I mean, more than 200 girls with talent, dreams, and wishes but only 80 lucky girls to crush all of that?

  • spambudi

    at least Shimada Haruka quite popular to the public

  • Felicia Li

    anyone have the eng sub vid again?

    • I’ll try and look for it again — someone might still have it.

    • MyNameIsFire

      Check Show48.

  • paris hilton stan

    How can I watch this???