Mastui Jurina,松井珠理奈

Jurina’s strange appearance on recent TV shows

A few of Matsui Jurina’s recent TV appearances have had fans question whether she is feeling well or not.

It first started out with an video with TV Tokyo’s CEO, where he interviews Jurina and the other top 5 ranking AKB48 Members: Sasshihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Yamamoto Sayaka. The video was posted to TV Toky’s official youtube channel late last week (video included below).

However, what fans first noticed is that Jurina notably does not participate in the conversation. She is seen holding her hands over her face, doesn’t talk at all, and can be seen shaking in some portions of the video. Noted here:

Mastui Jurina, sickness
While everyone listens to Takamina saying something, Jurina seems to holds her face and stares forward.

This has made fans obviously a little worried. Matsui Jurina has undergone sickness before, when in 2014, she had to undergo some eye treatments — she was forced to wear an eye patch, and made her unable to wear contacts for a little while.

The next bit that has made fans worry is a recent appearance on TV Tokyo Music Festival. While she is performing, fans noted that something was a little “off” about her performance. Her usually well-practiced smiles and made just looked funny and unusual:

Mastui Jurina,松井珠理奈

Mastui Jurina,松井珠理奈

Mastui Jurina,松井珠理奈

Yes, definitely not natural. Hopefully was just having a long day :-/

The original TV Tokyo video:

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  • Mechabolt

    I think she’s just overworked since turning 18.More jobs opportunity can be a double edged sword,especially if she’s not used to the more hours.I read that she cancelled her HS event too recently.

    Add that with Rena leaving,pressures of carrying SKE and you get huge mess.I know she wants to get more jobs and gain more exposure for next year’s rank,but she really need to take it down a notch,there’s plenty of time for these stuff once she’s healthy.

    • reika

      There some similar comments when she was last sick too, with her eyes problem. I worry her health too. Rank is meaningless if she falls down and gets in the hospital! As you say, it must be lonely for her too since Rena is leaving (T-T)

      • Mechabolt

        Yeah her eyes had problem a while back.And in some of her recent pictures you can see her eyes are all puffy due to either crying or no sleep/tired.

        I think she had all these work offers way before she turned 18,she thought she could handle the job and might be good for her carreer and now they all start to pile up.

  • yuna

    She is tired she should rest