Sashihara Rino, Angry Face

Sashiko annoyed at Natsumikan’s #1 position

Because Sashihara RIno isn’t the only one who’s number one here! Sasshi is apparently annoyed with Tanaka Natsumi’s recent ascension to #1 in Kato Rena’s 755 Oshimen Election.

As you know, Renacchi’s own Oshimen Sousenkyo concluded, with interesting results.  No votes, no tallies, but certainly lots of drama.  The top ranking member if Kato Rena’s own unofficial election is none other than HKT48’s Tanaka Natsumi.

Tanaka Natsumi,田中菜津美
Don’t be fooled by The Boss!!

The next day, a tweet from Sashihara Rino’s twitter:

Sasshi: “The very first thing in the morning, Natsumikan says, ‘I guess we’re both number one’s, right?’. I was annoyed…”

Don’t worry Sasshi, but it’s about time someone shared the #1 spot with you.

Author: reika

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    Wow. You are really dilligent/prolific at the moment. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep it up!

    • reika

      Thanks! I’m on summer break until next month, so I’m bored these days (^-^)

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        And we appreciate all these articles and news you posted.I am really glad i found this website.

    • I’m currently unemployed, so I have more time than usual to do subbing. Hopefully that’ll change soon (and I get a job, haha)!

      Reika does most of the posts right now, but she’ll probably get busier once school starts again :-/

  • Natalie_Durson

    I have the feeling that Sashi’s popularity is due to the number of fans that have heard the claim that she is sexually aggressive and gets it on with her fans.