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What female celeb makes you want to change the channel?

A recent survey was conducted by Yahoo News which asks, “Which female celebrity, when you see them on TV, makes you want to change the channel?” The answer may surprise you!

A national survey conducted by Netalica Japan asks: “When you see this female celebrity on TV, she makes you change the channel?” The survey consists of 600 men, between the ages of 20 and 49, and the result has been lovingly called, “The Ratings Drop Beauty.”

Here are the results:

  1. Sawajiri Erika (165)
  2. AKB48 (144)
  3. HKT48 (127)
  4. Adachi Yumi (118)
  5. SKE48 (109)
  6. Dan Mitsu (108)
  7. Mizuhara Kiko (101)
  8. NMB48 (97)
  9. Serina (92)
  10. Tono Nagiko (88)
Shinoda Mariko,Onigokko,リアル鬼ごっこ,篠田麻里子

Surprisingly enough, all the 48 groups (with the exception of JKT48, SHN48, and NGT48), are represented in the top 10.  The other thing to note is that Serina, at #9, is a former member of the now-nonexistent SDN48.

Some of the reasons include:

  • “There are too many faces and names.”
  • “They all look the same”
  • “I’m tired of seeing them”

What’s weird is that (at least for the 48-group TV shows that I watch), most 48-group TV shows broadcast at very late night, or on weekday afternoons, when ratings tend to be low anyway.

Whether the sample size is too small, one can only guess, but it might be an indication of how popular they are as well.

Author: reika

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  • HDreamer

    In this biz It’s not about how many people dislike you, it’s about how many people do like you.

    • reika

      yes of course! Also, someone says that more people that likes you means more people hate you also!

  • guest

    Well many antis hate AKB but I’ve keep seeing them getting brought up on 2ch, Girlschannel lmao….
    I understand that the 48G is just too oversaturated that people are sick of them but there’s obviously still demands and interests for them too if they can get on shows and get CMs