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Are highly ranked AKB members really popular to the public?

For AKB48 fans, almost everybody knows who’s in the top 16, regardless of who your favorite is. However, to non-fans, how popular are the most highly ranked AKB members?

A survey conducted by Sirabee compares members rankings and how well known they are to the general public. The survey was conducted on a site called Mind Sonar, and had a sample size of 416 people, peoples ages from their teens to their 50s, including both men and women. The survey was conducted between June 17,2015 and June 20,2015.

It seems they asked the question, “Do you know this person?”. The results are here! All graphs provided courtesy of sirabee.com.

(c) sirabee.com
(c) sirabee.com. Top: #7, Miyawaki Sakura. Bottom: #9, Shimazaki Haruka

This first graph focuses two member slated as “aces” for the next generation: Miyawaki Sakura, who first broke into the Kami 7 this year, and Shimazaki Haruka.  Even from here, it seems that rank doesn’t correlate to being well-known.

(c) sirabee.com
(c) sirabee.com. #1 Sashihara Rino, #2 Kashiwagi Yuki, #3 Watanabe Mayu

It’s no doubt that the top three would have some of the absolute highest ratings.  Beyond their usual idol activities, Sashihara, Kashiwagi and Mayu appear in plenty of dramas, music, and TV shows.

(c) sirabee.com
(c) sirabee.com. Top: Kojima Haruna, bottom: Matsui Rena

And about members who did not even run for the election?  Here we see Kojima Haruna and Matsui Rena respectively.  With regards to Kojima Haruna, this doesn’t seem too surprising, as she currently is currently amongst the top 10 most followed Twitter users in Japan.

(c) sirabee.com
(c) sirabee.com

It gets much more interesting when you compare the the popularity of the most recent unranked members.  It appears even unranked members Shimada Haruka (22.5%) and Oya Shizuka (27.0%) are even more well known than even the lower placed senbatsu members!

As you see, Matsumura Kaori comes in at 11.2%, while Takayanagi Akane and Shibata Aya get 9.6% and 10.3% respectively.

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  • Mechabolt

    Im gonna guess the numbers under the name is the ranking this year.With that said Aya shibata is such an anomaly to me.She doesn’t seem to be pushed as a top member in SKE shows and as far as i know doesn’t have any specialty like Matsumura’s blogs or Suda Akari’s flexibility/Godly Handshake.But ranked pretty high 2 sousenkyo in a row.

    As a foreigner who only knows the girl from subbed show/random internet videos,i feel like im missing a huge chunk of information(maybe they’re popular in entertainment business not shown outside Japan) as to how the girls like Shibata and Muto Tomu gets so high in ranking.

  • yuna

    Is this from a show? if yes then from what show is it from i want to watch it this seems interesting!! And paruru is pretty well known haha~ my heart is laughing and crying i’m so happy for her <3

    • reika

      Oh, no it’s not from a show. It’s just some survey that was conducted online on some random people (^_^)

  • loop loopertzg

    at least you could give the alphabet-roomaji caption to the chart legend
    cant read japanese