Post Script: Search Google Image for “barf ugly person” and…

Okay, so if you search for かわいい( kawaii, “cute”) in Google Image Search, we see AKB48 Member Nagao Mariya comes out near the top. If you search for “barf ugly person”, AKB48 Members also appear!!

Japanese lesson time!

  • ゲロブス → げろぶす(gero-busu)

This is a combination of two words, “gero” (ゲロ) and “busu” (ブス). “Gero” is the sound one makes when vomiting. “Busu” just means ugly person. Basically, “gero-busu” is a person so ugly that it makes you barf.

Search for ゲロブス on Google Image Search and here are the results:

Google Image Search、ゲロブス
Oh my….

Sashihara Rino dominates.

Oh Sasshi…. like usual, you take all the top spots again.

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Sam

    I really don’t understand, Sasshi is so adorable…

    • reika

      Yes I thought she’s so cute too (^_^)

  • tokidoki

    “Gerobusu” is the word her antis/haters use for her so of course she will come up if you search for that. What’s the point of this article?

  • Mechabolt

    That 2nd picture is definitely one her better picture tbh,looks adorable and pretty.

    • reika

      lol, yes it’s funny thing about the search results (^-^)

  • Anon

    butthurt antis (lol) they are just so ridiculous!

  • l3012

    You know your popularity is top notch when you dominate the search results.

    Love her so much.

    • reika

      lol, yes (^-^) I thought it pretty funny honestly