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Stay fashionably correct with NMB48 neckties

How much do you love NMB48? Do you have to courage to share your love with the world?! Then you should have no problem wearing this: NMB48 themed neckties! Oh my.

Not only that, but these are officially licensed products, from the NMB48 online shop. In total, there appear to 54 variations of necktie for you to wear, each coding 3,950 yen each (about $33 at time of writing).

If people did not realize your love for NMB48, then they certainly will after sporting one of these beauties. Behold!

NMB48 Neck Tie, Yamamoto Sayaka
It somehow matches even better with white T-Shirt!
NMB48 Neck Tie, Yamamoto Sayaka
Goes perfect with white dress shirt.
NMB48 Neck Tie, Yamamoto Sayaka
Everyone loves Sayanee, right?!

As you can see, it sports a picture of your oshimen (or other NMB48 member of choice), with their team designation and name on the tail end.

The ties are currently available for pre order from the NMB48 official shop until July 12th, with availability some time in September. They are also made in China. Yah.

Some users even note that the boldness of these ties even goes above and beyond the flashiness of the official NMB48 tote bags:

NMB48 Official Tote Bag
NMB48 Official Tote Bag

Author: reika

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  • Sam

    I really like AKB and I have no problem to admit it…… but this is too much lol.

    • reika

      lol, it’s only for hardcore ota! (^o^)

      • Mechabolt

        Probably good for a dare too.

  • Jack

    I’ll wear that Milky necktie to work… If I wore dress shirts to work. Huehuehue