Kashiwagi Yuki

Yukirin suddenly cries during a theater performance

A woman’s weapon are here tears! So they say in Japan. During a theater performance, for reasons yet unknown, Kashiwagi Yuki starts crying while singing Shonichi.

Whether this is related to her recent scandal, no one can really say. There also doesn’t seem to be any definitive reason. That doesn’t stop the internet from coming up with their own ideas.

But first, a picture (or lots of them) is worth 1000 words!

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

Kashiwagi Yuki crying

The lyrics to Shonichi are pretty heartfelt, especially for those who are idols, but perhaps even for those who are struggling to overcome difficulty in general. As for reactions online… well, what else can you say about a cute girl who is crying?!

  • “She was touched because it was pikka’s birthday.”
  • “This her way of apologizing. Let her do it!”
  • “Tears are a woman’s weapon of choice.”
  • “You need to forgive her!”
  • “Yukirin never cries, how could she…”
  • “Hey, all of you!! Don’t make her cry! Poor thing!”
  • “I forgive her.”
  • “I forgive you! Yukirin, welcome back!!”

This is assuming of course, that Yukirin had done anything wrong to warrant forgiveness to begin with…

Author: reika

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  • Guest

    I’ve heard that she cried because fans gave her positive reactions instead like giving her loud fanchants so she got disarmed and started tearing up. If you seen the video you can hear fans, especially fangirls yelling out Yukirin’s name after Shonichi.
    Too bad we don’t seem to have full LOD video yet though…

    • reika

      Oh, it’s nice! (^-^) I hope she feels better now.