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Non-AKB fans reactions to AKB Unranked Documentary, the Nonfiction

Recently, Fuji TV aired an episode of their popular documentary series, The Nonfiction, which focused on AKB48’s unranked members. Fan reactions were positive, but what did non-AKB fans think?

The Nonfiction series is a Fuji TV documentary that does a different theme for each show (not necessarily unique to AKB48). It’s in fact won a lot of awards, and is generally a very well done series. The series therefore has a lot of viewers who are not necessarily AKB48 fans. Here is a selection of reactions from Twitter, which are generally very positive.

“Even though I didn’t plan to watch the AKB Nonfiction, I watched the whole thing, haha.  Shimada Haruka is so cute.  These kind of people work so hard, it’s amazing.  I honestly want them to get ranked.”

“The love of that Shimada kami-oshi fan, Tanaka-san was really incredible. I’m not an AKB fan, but I hope that Shimada Haruka will keep trying.”

“I saw the unranked AKB members nonfiction, and the one things I thought was, being able to try that hard, with all your strength is such a good thing. It know it’s difficult, but having a dream is great, isn’t it. For myself, I don’t have any goals, and just wander through life aimlessly.”

“I have no interest in AKB, but I was watching the Nonfiction. It must be painful for Shimada Haruka… I guess that’s how it is for girls who are unranked every year…

“Today, I was watching the Nonfiction’s episode of AKB, and I really cried. When I think of those unranked girls that they followed around, and seeing how the fans also shared their feelings, it was really very bittersweet. The worry and anxiety about not being called again was just too real. When that fan said, ‘I want to show her that scenery’, I felt the same way started crying.”

“I saw the Nonfiction yesterday. That guy, with the gold hair, Shimada’s kami oshi fan. It really hit me how genuine he was.”

“In yesterday’s Nonfiction show, they showed the AKB Election and the fans that support it. When the fan of that girl who didn’t rank said, ‘Rank doesn’t matter, we just want to show her that scenery’, it really pierced my heart.”

“I really don’t like AKB at all, but when I watched Nonfiction, I started crying.”

“I was watching Nonfiction, and I couldn’t believe it was about AKB. But, my heart was stolen by Shimada Haruka.”

“In the Nonfiction, listening to the unranked members talking, it made me feel that I need to try harder too.”

“The Nonfiction focused on the election’s unranked members. When Nakamura Mariko talked about her reasons for being an idol and being a college student, it really left a strong impression. It’s really good that she’s going to college. Being an idol is really hard, isn’t it. In any case, I’m a Nakamura fan now.”

Author: reika

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  • yuna

    That documentary was too painful to watch tbh too bad most of the people only noticed shimada, nakamura’s story was pretty painful too