Watanabe Miyuki

Watanabe Miyuki: “An otaku life is a fulfilling one”

Milky fully supports your wota lifestyle. Walk with your head held high! This conversation started on Watanabe Miyuki’s 755 page, when a user asks, “What should I do to take one step toward leading a fulfilling life?”

Courtesy of Milky’s 755 account, here is the conversation in question:

Watanabe Miyuki 755

The question: “In order to get one step closer to a fulfilling life, what’s the first thing I should do?”

And Milky’s response: “I think it’s best that everyday is a fun day for you. Happiness is not something other people do, it’s something you do for yourself. Thus, an ‘otaku life’ is also a really fulfilling one, isn’t it?”


Of course, these words don’t just apply to otaku, but to life in general. As for reactions online from 2ch… honestly, it’s hard to say anything but nice things about Milky’s words!

  • “Milky is so cool! I’m gonna fall in love!”
  • “Otaku’s will be saved by these words. Nice Milky!”
  • “I’m a slave to happiness”
  • “What is this, heaven?”
  • “Welcome to Milky’s word”
  • “Even if I’m sleeping, or I’m awake, it’s always Milky’s world”
  • “That Shimda otaku gave us the proof, haha”

Are you leading a fulfilled otaku lifestyle too?

Author: reika

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  • Jack

    I saw that gif on her instagram. I died.

    • reika

      lol, she is true tsuri-shi!