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Milky accidentally makes fun of Yukirin scandal

Whoops. What apparently started out as some 755 trolling, has unexpectedly caught Watanabe Miyuki off guard.

So, it starts off with what appears to be a fake account, by the name of “Tegoshii”, who then starts a conversation with Milky on 755, as usual.

Watanabe Miyuk 755

The “Tegoshii” impostor says: “Milky, let’s go to Hakone!” To which, Miyuki unexpected replies: “Let’s go!” For those unaware, part of Kashiwagi Yuki’s scandal included rumors of Yukirin going to Hakone with Tegoshi.

Of course, this was probably just an honest mistake. Reactions online seem generally in line with this:

  • “I laughed so hard”
  • “This is not good!!”
  • “Let’s go!”
  • “This is just like Milky, isn’t it?”
  • “Milky gets along pretty well, doesn’t she”
  • “This is going to be a festival”

The offending messages were almost immediately deleted, with Milky posting an apology later on:

Watanabe Miyuk 755

“I accidentally replied to some unpleasant comments. When I noticed it, I deleted them immediately. To those that noticed and felt unpleasant, I’m sorry”.

Author: reika

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