Shimazaki Haruka,島崎 ぱるる

Paruru giving up her salty reactions?!?!

Shimazaki Haruka seems to have been saying this quite a few times in her various media appearances: it seems she is trying to give up her salty ways!? We had a little insight into this during her last election speech, but she reaffirms again during a press conference for Papico ice cream.

Shimazaki Haruka,島崎 ぱるる

As part of upcoming Tanabata holiday in Japan (July 7th), people usually write their wishes down on strips of paper as part of the celebration. When Paruru is asked what she’d wish for, she says, “I want to write, ‘I hope this game becomes popular’, what what do you think of me saying this kind of ‘honest’ comment for the first time?'”

The press then asks, “Is this some kind of change of heart?” To which Paruru replies: “I said this during the election, but I’m going to change”, which was interpreted as meaning that she means to “graduate” from her salty reactions.

You can see some of her worries in her most recent election speech. Her demeanor is much different, and she mentions leading the junior members into AKB’s “second chapter”, which is an uncharacteristic saying from her previous speeches.

Yokoyama Yui, who was also present at the press event, follows up quickly by saying: “I don’t think she’ll stop (the salty reaction), but after a salty reaction, the sweetness of ice cream matches it just right.”

Author: reika

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  • Guest

    not even looking at your fans during HS and 2shot event isn’t salty, it’s just downright rude. Please fit.

    • Hermione48fan

      You should ask what her real fans think about it,There are different opinions, if you ask people in stage48 who are Paruru oshis and met her in person, your opinion will probably change about her handshakes.She isn´t that bad. Maybe she had her bad moments, but with her fans she is usually nice.

      • reika

        It seems she is trying to change. Perhaps it’s good thing? I am not so sure since I have not met Paru before. Also some fans likes salty (^_^)

  • Sam

    She have to separate the real Shimazaki Haruka from the Paruru and the fans know that. Is just part of the show….

    • reika

      That’s good thought. She does not do much work outside of AKB48 right?

      • yuna

        She actually does like photoshoot and stuff

  • yuna

    Hmm i don’t know paru-chan i love and we love you just the way you are. She really isn’t that bad you know, she just had her bad moments we all have. Well whatever i will love her and support her in whatever she does

    • reika

      Yay! I also think she’s fine just the way she is now. Maybe she has problems that we don’t know.