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Love wins! Yukirin greeted warmly at handshaking event

Kashiwagi Yuki participates in a recent handshaking event in Osaka, where she is warmly welcomed by her fans.  Are her scandal-ridden days over?!

News comes courtesy of Kashiwagi Yuki’s own twitter thread:

“Osaka’s National Handhsaking Event! Thank you very much. I really happy by all the warm words and greetings that I received. Did you have fun at the 22-song live? Let’s meet again! Thank you very much”

With recent news, it was pretty hard to see where all this was going, but luckily Yukirin provides us some guidance as she fends off the haters and persistent press reporters.

Reactions from seem mixed, though not as heated as they were before:

  • “Well, let her do what she wants”
  • “Well, the only thing you can say is Be Happy”
  • “You’ve all lost!!!!!”
  • “But it’s not like we could ‘win'”
  • “I guess that Osaka’s people are very kind”
  • “All the haters have completely lost, HAHAHAHAHHA!”
  • “It’s over guys, move on, move on”

However, Twitter was a little more positive:

  • “Awesome” (src)
  • “It was the first time I shook hands with you. You were so beautiful!” (src)
  • “Yukirin, thanks for your hard work! I was relaxed to see you, and it was fun! I’ll keep supporting you from now on. Good luck Yukirin! #YukirinWorld” (src)
  • “Yukrin, good morning! That’s wonderful picture. Like an adult woman!” (src)

… most of the Twitter replies were fairly normal. A few bad ones here and there, but definitely not as much as before.

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