Nogizaka46 forming new sister group Toriizaka46

During Nogizaka46’s 3rd anniversary concert, a new sister group has been announced in what’s being called the “zaka street series” : Toriizaka46.

Auditions are going to be held until August 21st to decide Toriizaka46’s first generation members, and is open to girls ages 12 to 20 years old.

toriizaka46 announcement
Toriizaka46 announcement
toriizaka46 announcement
Announcement at the 3rd Anniversary concert

From news sources, it seems that having “zaka street” in the name was a big consideration.  As you know, Nogizaka is the name of the street in Tokyo that passes near Sony Music Entertainment offices.

Accordingly, “Toriizaka” is actually a real place — not a neighborhood, but the name of a hill that is closely to Nogizaka.  It is so minor that the wikipedia article does not even have an English version entry.  It’s nothing special though:


The number of members and the group concept is also not decided.  Perhaps it will be just like Nogizaka46, who Akimoto Yasushi says has no concept — very different from AKB48.  It’s said the group could have 30 members, or just 1 member.

Not as funny as Kojizaka46, but still good news!

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  • h36113

    If I remember right, in Shibuya is some street called Dogenzaka. It is really popular and always crowded.

    • reika

      Perhaps Dogenzaka46 will be next sister group? lol