Shinoda Mariko

AKB48 Members with the largest Twitter following

Who has the largest Twitter following in all of AKB48 and their sister groups?!

This comes courtesy of site Me You, which lists current Twitter follower stats, posts, and other statistics. Unsurprisingly, the most popular Twitter users in Japan are mostly celebrities.

Here are the results by looking at the top 100, and filtering only by AKB48 and 48-group members (as of June 28th, 2015):

  • #5 Shinoda Mariko (2,300,578 followers)

  • #6 Kojima Haruna (2,256,086 followers)

  • #12 Itano Tomomi (1,896,637 followers)

  • #17 Maeda Atsuko (1,646,867 followers)

  • #41 Nakagawa Haruka (1,081,447 followers)

  • #71 Oshima Yuko (760,512 followers)

  • #77 Sashihara Rino (714,188 followers)

  • #96 Takajo Aki (654,178 followers)

  • #100 Matsui Rena (642,289 followers)

At first, my guess it was Kojima Haruna, but apparently not — unless you filter out the graduated members.

This concludes the AKB48 Twitter Follower Sousenkyo! Were you happy with the result?

Author: reika

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  • Mechabolt

    Harugon’s and Akicha’s Indonesian fans are pretty big.With Harugon still staying and thriving in Indonesia,those numbers arent a surprise.

    • reika

      Oh I see. I don’t watch JKT48 so much, but it seems they are very popular there!

      • Mechabolt

        Yeah,i don’t really follow JKT as well,but i love Harugon,And she’s huge there,2nd place in recent JKT sousenkyo.She speaks the language decently too so she got into tv shows as well i think.