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Akimoto Yasushi: I’m looking for the next producer

When asked about his future prospects by a user via 755, Akimoto answers very frankly. Is he looking for his next successor? And is it Sashihara Rino?

Okay, just kidding about Sasshi (^_^) All good things come to an end, and perhaps it will come a day for Akimoto-sensei to “graduate”, so to speak. This news comes courtesy of Akimoto’s 755 account:







Asked: “Akimoto-sensei, will you be doing this the rest of your life?” He answers: “I am looking for the next producer”.

This is the literal translation, but could be interpreted as, “I am looking for my successor”.


About Akimoto himself, he is in his late 50s, and he’s been producer in the 48-groups since AKB debuted in 2005. By comparison, it seems that he was producer for his previously popular idol group, Onyanko Club, for about 2-3 years (back in the mid 1980s), in addition to several other groups.

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  • yuna

    he’s like the steve jobs in the idol world i wonder what would happen if akimoto graduates