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random update? technical difficulties and such.

Huh… the site is all broken. Or was broken. Maybe it works now. Or maybe it’s still broken.  Who knows. Naturally things would break when we’re not at home. HA!

It’s crappy and rainy here in Tokyo.  We’re sitting in a cafe located in Ikebukuro, whilst checking the site and other things.  Reika is playing Puzzle Dragons (nintendo version!), and I’m busy sorting out some DNS problem with the site.

"Ikebukuro Station" by Ray Tsang from Irvine, USA - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
Near Ikebukuro Station entrance.

Ikebukuro is an interesting place.  Outside of Akihabara and Nakano, there is also a certain otaku presence about the place (though not quite as apparent right out of the station gates).

However, unlike those other places, this seems to cater to female otaku, especially along “otome road”. Like other major city centers like Shibuya or Harajuku, this place is always packed with people and millions of shops.

Anyhow, nothing interesting going on here. Here’s some stuff.

Nogi overload!!! … and a copy of pazu-dora

The latest issue of Entame magazine came with a Nogizaka46 bonus. Also picked up the 7-11 bonus goods from their collaboration promo.

Speaking of Nogizaka46, and I’m not sure if there are any Nogizaka46 fans out there, but I started translating the official blog entries.

Why? There are a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to try different blogging software. Therefore, rather than making it part of this site, it’s a separate site.
  2. I can never get enough Japanese practice.  As much as I like making subbed videos, I prefer translating text over subbing, timing, and video encoding.
  3. Ikuta Erika is too cute (>_<)

Introducing NOGIZINE!

Ikuta Erika,生田絵梨花,Ikuchan,いくちゃん
Cute overload AHHHHH!!

Anyhow, I hope this site works now :-/

More random updates incoming…

Author: jerry

Sometimes editor. Sometimes translator. Mostly a proofreader. I like Japan and things.

  • Mechabolt

    I follow nogizaka here and there,but some girls arent that interesting.

    • I agree but you can also say the same about AKB48!

      • Mechabolt

        Most definitely.I guess its just because the one shown in nogizaka is always the front 6 of Nanase,Hashimoto,Shiraishi,Erika,Ikoma,and Reika plus Little bit of Sayuri,Akimoto,Takayama on the side.When the girls that i wanted to know more about never got the chance.

  • h36113

    got it bookmarked

    • Thanks!! I’m trying to see if I can keep up with daily updates, but it’s just blog translations for now.

  • Tulken

    I follow akb48 and Nogizaka46 too. But I don’t understand the interest to create Toriizaka46 so close to Nogizaka46 and in the same town

    • Hey, how’s it going man?

      I know what you mean — it’ll be interesting to see if they came differentiate as well as the AKB sister groups.

  • Kazuma Hirata

    While I don’t follow them as much as AKB despite being far from the pulse of information these days, It’s good to know and I’m looking forward to your posts 🙂

    • Honestly, I don’t either, but I like their TV shows a lot! It’s hard to find good news sources on them, as they don’t seem to be as big as AKB48 quite yet. Their official youtube channel is locked down, and I think they’re not allowed to have SNS accounts (except for 755 it seems, which is also locked down outside of Japan).

      Aside from the rain and cloudy weather, it’s a great time 😀

  • reika


    • はい、はい、考えとくわ hehehe.