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2015 AKB48 TV show regular appearance ranking

AKB48 has many regular TV shows, often with a changing cast of members.  Out of AKB’s shows, who shows up the most?  A 2ch user compiles the number of TV shows appearances for each member, and shares the results!

This ranking is limited to members of AKB48, so it doesn’t include members of sister groups.  It also only includes the following shows: Kyouwakoku, AKBingo, Tabi shojo, AKB Shirabe, Bokura ga kangaeru yoru, ANN, and Listen. It covers the first half of 2015 up to June 28th, 2015.

[table] # of appearances, Member
34,Nakanishi Chiyori
29,Kitahara Rie; Ogasawara Mayu
25,Kojima Haruna
20,Shimada Haruka; Nishino Miki
18,Oya Shizuka; Takahashi Juri
17,Minegishi Minami
16,Komiyama Haruka
15,Okada Nana; Kojima Mako
14,Kizaki Yuria
13,Kashiwagi Yuki; Yokoyama Yui; Muto Tomu; Mukachi Mion
12,Iwata Karen; Oshima Ryoka
11,Izuta Rina
10,Miyazaki Miho; Nakamura Mariko; Tano Yuka; Mogi Shinobu; Owada Nana; Taniguchi Megu

Some things to note: Kojiharu has a regular spot of Kyowakoku, so she naturally appears higher. All other member seem to have just guest appearances. There’s also a lot of other members who have less than 10 appearances, and even those that have 0 appearances! For example, Takamina appears only 5 times, and Shimazaki Haruka had 9 appearances.

Thus it seems that the number of appearances on TV shows doesn’t correlate too much to popularity or sousenkyo rankings. Nakanishi appears the most but has been unranked in every election for instance.

Author: reika

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  • I’m very surprised by those numbers. Is it on purpose that Sasshi doesn’t appear? She would totally kill this ranking

    • Mechabolt

      She’s technically HKT48.

      • reika

        Correct! (^_^)

    • reika

      Of course you are right! She also did well in ranking from last year. This list is only for AKB48 members, and Sasshi is HKT48.

  • yuna

    I wonder why, i thought people get to know members because they see them on TV most of the time, turns out that that’s not how things work