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Buying the same CD multiple times is bad?

Japanese singer Gackt expresses his opinions about the inclusion of “special bonuses” that cause people to buy multiple copies of the same CD.  No names are specified, but one can’t help but think that he is talking about a certain idol group…

This quote comes as part of an interview with Excite News.  About mid-way through the interview, the following exchange occurs:

Interviewer: “The customers are experiencing live music. That’s really why you made a place where people can experience music, isn’t it.” (お客さんが生で音楽に触れる、体感する場を作っているわけですもんね)

Gackt: “Right, we’re actually creating a space where customers are making the sound.  Just because someone wants an included special bonus, there’s people who buy multiple copies of the same CD and just throw it away…. as a musician, I really want to ask if that’s the way things should be. The more that type of thing is done, the more that music becomes no good. The loss is huge.  This can’t continue into the future.” (そう、実際にその場でお客さんが“音を使っている”わけだから。特典が欲しくてCDを何枚も一人で買って、CDを破棄する……それはミュージシャンとしての正しい在り方なのか?と問いたい。そんなことをすればするほど間違いなく音楽がダメになるし、損失のほうが大きい。本来はやってはならないことだよ)

The response from a recent 2ch thread is a little mixed:

  • “48G aren’t musicians, so it doesn’t matter, right.”
  • “They’re idols, so it’s different!”
  • “Totally different genre”
  • “I’m just buying handshake tickets”
  • “I don’t want to be told that by an unpopular musician!”
  • “I want to shake Gackt’s hand!”

Of course, these are 2ch opinions, so most pro-idol.  I wonder what non-fans and other musicians would say about this.

What do you think about buying multiple CDs for the special bonus (handshake tickets, voting tickets)?  It’s no good?  Doesn’t matter?

Author: reika

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  • Mechabolt

    Its a gimmick for sure,but some of these extra CDs are most likely sold to other people that only want the CD without the handshake tickets for cheaper price.Plus the actual music is pretty good,not a bad reason to keep supporting them.

    Im sure it inflates their sales numbers,but i dont think by THAT much,certainly less than what some people would believe.Although hardcore fans do collect the set.

    • reika

      Sometimes I wonder. Older wota sometimes compare to Morning Musume. Because Momusu sold millions also but had no such handshake tickets. Its hard to compare because it’s different time.

      I also wait when I come back Japan and I can buy used CDs for 300 yen, lol.

      • Mechabolt

        Exactly.those extra CDs will find its way to someone else.So its not hard to imagine most of the sales numbers still relevant.

        Morning musume was the golden age of idol popularity with no clear cut competition though,i think?

        • Aka

          Momosu was from a time where people still bought CD so it’s not a matter of competition. Look at the charts from early 2000s and before, 1 mil a week isn’t a big accomplishment as it is now when many can do it. It’s the same around the world where CDs decreased in sales.