Halloween Night,ハロウィンナイト

Fan reactions to new single Halloween Night

Everyone has an opinion! Especially when it comes to recently selected Election singles. What do people think of Halloween Night?

In short… mixed opinions, like usual. A recent thread on 2ch offers up some opinions on the Halloween Night single which was recently shown on The Music Day. In case you missed it, it seems to still be viewable online:

As for opinions about the song (courtesy of 2ch, as usual):

  • “What the heck is this?!”
  • “This should be the fall single”
  • “As a person who loved UZA’s MV, this is very welcome”
  • “I wonder how this will turn out”
  • “Are the outfits their strategy to hide the fact that Kaotan made it into the senbatsu?”
  • “Uh… is it Halloween already?”
  • “It’s really not that bad, right?”
  • “I feel like I’ve heard this melody before, so as a song, I didn’t like it. But the outfits and the concept are pretty good. It feels like an idol song, so I enjoyed watching it”
  • “This is going to be a hit!”
  • “If you listen to the off-vocals, it’s pretty good”
  • “This would be so fun to sing at karaoke!”
  • “The melody feels classic, so I like it. But the title and outfits lost me….”
  • “I love it! It feels like something Morning Musume would sing. I like it. Sasshi as center is great!”
  • “It’s really not that bad.  The lyrics were a little lacking, so I’m looking forward to the full version.”
  • “It’s a really original song”
  • “I listened to it once.  It really didn’t leave an impression”

What did you think of Halloween Night?

Author: reika

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  • Tulken

    I like the song but Halloween is during October :/

    July and August are too early to release a single for Halloween

    • reika

      lol, timing is a little strange! Maybe it’s just excuse for some cute costumes (^_^)

      • Jack

        Yes costumes. Love the costumes.

  • Ted

    Halloween Night is absolutely terrible. I appreciate Aki-P trying something out of the box, but it’s a truly awful song.

    • reika

      Oh I see. What is your favorite AKB song?

  • Kazuma Hirata

    Hmm, maybe I’ll like it in time; but I’m a bit warm to it as of right now. I feel it’s lacking something but I can’t say what that something may be. Maybe I was expecting too much from the 41st single.

    • reika

      Oh I see. Maybe you will like full version better? (^_^)

      • Kazuma Hirata

        I hope so 🙂

  • h36113

    Tulken basically you are right, but in Japan Helloween is when Disney say´s so http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/calendar/event.html

  • Tara Tisdel

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I do think that Kokoro no Placard was more or less the only SSK song that didn’t get mixed reviews. Opinions were downright negative from start to end (lol)

    • reika

      lol yes I think you’re right. I don’t remember negative reactions so much, but I think people thought its too similar to Koisuru fortune cookie.

      • Mechabolt

        Interesting cause kokoro still sold a million,and actually one of my favorite song.I really think the negative reviews are just hating on Mayuyu.

        • els

          As someone who hates KNP with a passion, let me say that I do not hate it because it’s a Mayuyu-centered single. I admit I’m not her fan but I’m not her hater either. I strongly dislike this song because it sounds very childish to me, the worst part is the bayaya chorus where the girls look completely retarded. Song-wise, I don’t think it sounds like KFC, it was only when the MVs were released that yeah, it proved that they were shamelessly copying KFC’s concept.
          Of course, to each their own. People have different tastes but KNP will go down in the history of AKB’s discography as one of the most infamous singles by a large part of the fandom.
          If Aki-p manages to come up with a song any worse than Placard, I will consider it a feat LOL.

          • Mechabolt

            Haha actually the bayaya part is great for me.BUT i can totally see why people hated that part.

            As for the KFC concept,i agree to an extent,but at this point almost everything done by AKB is recycled though.Just because it was the first time KFC’s concept got reused i dont see why KNP deserved the all the hate(unless people just actually hate the song,which is totally understandable).

          • Tara Tisdel

            For the argument that fans hated KNP because of Mayuyu, we could look at it the other way around regarding those who defend the song:
            1. Fans say they like the song out of loyalty to Mayuyu
            2. An even greater minority genuinely like the song

            Mechabolt, I don’t know which category you fit in or both. Personally, I don’t like KNP. I think the placards were funny but since the majority, if not all, were written in Japanese which I don’t understand, it was kind of ruined for me.
            Fans have varied reasons for disliking it but one of my theories is the fact that when Mayuyu was crowned in 2014, she was hyped up to be the “savior of AKB” and the beginning of the 2nd chapter. Well, that didn’t turn out quite like that, expectations were very high hence the huge amount of hate and disenchantment towards the 37th single.

          • Mechabolt

            Yeah i genuinely love the song.I think the Bayaya is catchy,i love the flower costume,i dont understand japanese but get the whole placard idea and thought they were nice.Jurina Oshi here