48-Group members with the most commercials in 2015

A recent article from Nihon Monitor shows the top Japanese female and male celebrities with the most commercials in 2015.

Since 2015 is only halfway done, this is the current ranking for the first half of 2015. Also, it counts companies rather than the number of actual commercials. So if a company releases 10 different commercials with the same person, it still counts as one.

There are many other Japanese female celebrities on the list, which has about about 25 people on it. I have filtered it to include only 48-group members who made the list.

[table] # of companies, name
9, Oshima Yuko
8, Sashihara Rino
7, Kojima Haruna
7, Watanabe Mayu

Yuko-chan is strong as always! Of course, she’s a former member, so it might not count, which would make Sasshi number one. Also it seems that this ranking is only up to June 30th, so it wouldn’t include Glico Papico’s recent CMs, which might have pushed Mayuyu up one rank to tie with Sasshi.

I wonder what Acchan is doing these days…

maeda atsuko

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