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Halloween Night – Staff Version?!

Akimoto Yasushi will soon announce the candidates for the Staff Version of Halloween Night!

This comes courtesy of Aki-P’s 755 feed. It starts with the announcement that he is going to have a staff senbatsu to pick members for the Staff Version of Halloween Night.

Akimoto Halloween Night Staff Version

“In order to promote Halloween Night, we’ll be making a music video with the staff.  Starting now, I’m thinking of the Staff 16 person Senbatsu.  I’ll be making the announcement tomorrow at 10pm, so please look forward to it”.

As a side note: this was yesterday, and he hasn’t made the announcement yet, so it appears to be delayed.

Akimoto Halloween Night Staff Version 02

“Just now, HKT’s manager, Ozaki sent me a message.  ‘If you put me in the senbatsu, it will not turn out well! That is because I won’t be able to ask other members for advice’.  It was a very intense appeal.”

Akimoto Halloween Night Staff Version 03

From Kayano Shinobu: “I’m aiming for the center!! I’ll try really hard at the lessons!!  I don’t want to lose to my rival Ozaki!”

Akimoto: “Okay.”

Akimoto Halloween Night Staff Version 04

From Shinobu (again): “If I become the center, it’s a little embarrassing, but I…. I’ll wear a bikini!”

Akimoto: “I refuse.”

Akimoto Halloween Night Staff Version 05

Also, from Aoki Hiroyuki (he owns a company that publishes many of 48-group member’s photo books): “When I first listened to Halloween Night, I remembered being immersed in a disco at Roppongi Square Building, 35 years ago. I think I can do a side position.  I was part of the staff that published the Official Janken Tournament guide book, so I wonder if I can announce my candidacy?  I want to be in Milky or Churi’s position.”

Akimoto’s reply: “That’s amazing, you’re the Kobun Company’s John Travolta!  You obviously have your own disco mirror ball attached to the ceiling. You’re Aoki, the Showa Dance Machine. I’m expecting a lot from you.  I hope you’ll be able to enter the Senbatsu.”

Like Koisuru Fortune Cookie, I wonder if Halloween Night will have hundreds of versions.  I hope Iwasa Misaki will make another enka version!

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