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Run, Sakura, Run!

Did you enjoy Mio’s running? Maybe you will also like Sakura running. I wonder how I discover these things…

A recent 2ch thread asks if Sakura’s strange running style is fake or real. Of course there is no definite answer. Some of the comments:

  • “Fantasy!”
  • “When she first appeared on Odekake, when she had long hair, she also had the same running style. Maybe she’s making it more silly because people made fun of it. Like at sports festivals and stuff.”
  • “If she’s doing that on purpose, she’s a genius”
  • “She’s a person that’s no good at physical activity from the beginning.”
  • “Takamina’s weird running style was also real”
  • “She said it was real in her photo book interview”
  • “She’s been like that for a long time”

Real or not, please observe some of the “evidence”.

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Edit: Bonus video!

Author: reika

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  • Jack

    It looks like she’s trying to restrain her body from running lol. Also is that Mayu in the blue? Keeping up with Tano in the green???

    • Mechabolt

      Yeah,that is Mayu.She’s not bad there actually.

    • reika

      lol yes, it’s very interesting running style. It’s almost like Takamina’s skipping (^-^)

  • Aiz

    hahaha ^^ so cute running

    • reika

      so true! (^-^)