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Halloween Night Staff Senbatsu Election has 302 candidates

Whoa.  This is more crazy than the real AKB election, which had fewer candidates.

Edit:  The actual result will probably be announced any moment now, as Akimoto has said that he’ll do so at July 10th, 2015 @ 10pm JST.

It seems the Senbatsu for the staff version of Halloween Night is being delayed again as Akimoto Yasushi reports that 302 staff members have announced their candidacy.  This news comes courtesy of a series of posts from Akimoto’s 755 account.

01 akimoto 755

Akimoto: “I would have liked to announce the Halloween Night staff version music video senbatsu, but the selection process has been very difficult.  As to why, the number of candidates, who are all staff related to the AKB groups, is 302 people.  What? I was surprised to know that AKB group has so many staff members.  I don’t really know by just looking at the papers, but I’m asking about everyone’s personality, and how they work. 302 people is crazy.”

02 akimoto 755

Akimoto: “Sorry that the staff senbatsu is late, but looking through the paperwork, I’ve narrowed it down to 44 people from 302.  I’m going to be announcing the senbatsu result today @ 10pm”

03 akimoto 755

Akimoto: “To every waiting for my writings, sorry.  With the staff senbatsu, everyone is discussing the staff senbatsu with all their strength. That’s what the AKB48 group is all about.”

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  • h36113

    He might make a cute café girl center to build a second Mariko!

  • h36113

    Seems it was been announced in the meantime.
    I´m looking forward to your translation of the senbatsu.

    • reika

      Yes, it’s announced (^_^). I will make translation tomorrow!

      The first place winner was song writer, who is male, lol. I thought 4th place was interesting because she is former AKB member!