miyawaki sakura,宮脇咲良,さくらたん

Miyawaki Sakura plastic surgery?

The short answer is… probably no. But that doesn’t stop people from speculating…

It starts off (on 2ch, like usual), with the original poster showing a older picture of Sakura and a more recent picture of her appearing in Halloween Night. Here are before / after:

miyawaki sakura plastic surgery
miyawaki sakura plastic surgery

The plastic surgery in question, is the appearance of the “pouches” under the eyes, which is a really popular look amongst trendy Japanese girls.

Most of the initial comments begin with doubt, since the effect can be achieved with make up:

  • There’s “eye tape”, which just lifts up the tissue a little.
  • Lightening up under the eyes is really popular, it seems.
  • You know absolute nothing about make up.
  • If you keep saying “plastic surgery, plastic surgery”, you’ll get caught by the Stupid Police.
  • This is a Hyaluronan injection. It’s not make up. You have to get this done once every few months.

And some evidence that such make up actually exists:

eye makeup

And still another opinion: does it really matter?

  • To begin with, are having these “tear pouches” cute?
  • She’s so cute, isn’t she.
  • It’s okay if she does it. It’s great!
  • What’s wrong with plastic surgery? In South Korea, 50% of people have some kind of plastic surgery. These antis are so desperate…
  • Cuteness is righteousness.
  • What the heck. She’s just cute.

But of course, all this speculation didn’t seem to matter, as it appears that she’s had a similar look way in the past:

miyawaki sakura,宮脇咲良

Author: reika

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  • Aka

    or you know..considering that she have activities in 2 groups, a popular senbatsu members with alot of jobs it could easily eyebags from lack of sleep…..

    • reika

      lol, yes, that’s very true. Sometimes when I watch AKBingo, I think the girls just want to sleep!

    • gunner

      doubt she only sleep 3-6 hours a day,been in 2 groups and one of kami-7 is really tough..

    • sorojefich

      These eye pouches aren’t the same as eyebags, pure misconception. Those are muscle under the eyes that most kids naturally have (sometimes they disappear/fade as people grow up). There’s a difference, eyebags usually are more like u shape, droopy & dark colored with faint ends, contrary to the fully circling around under-eye pouches.

  • yuna

    Lol people will be people they said the same thing with paruru, i don’t have any particular feelings for sakura but i have seen her in her fetus days and she looks the same

    • reika

      lol, her “fetus days”? That’s unique expression I haven’t heard before, lol.

    • Peace&LOVE

      except the fact that in this case Mayuyu spread the news in her secret account, sayng sakra and Haruppi are plastic monster who are so young and did already so much…

      • PIKATSU

        I don’t remember clearly but I don’t think Mayuyu was the one who posted that. Someone else commented it on Mayuyu’s private IG, it’s not Mayuyu herself who said it, correct me if I’m wrong. Better not spread wrong things about Mayuyu. and Mayuyu isn’t close to Sakura anyway she wouldn’t know. Sakura looks the same as before that’s pretty much a fact, she just grew up, nothing in her face is different (speaking of the features).

  • Peace&LOVE

    I always had the fell she’s totally fake (both inside and outside), and… surprise I got reason. More respect to Mayuyu now who said the true