Paruru stars in new horror movie, “Gekijourei”

Shimazaki Haruka stars as the main protagonist is the upcoming remake to classic movie, called Gekijourei.

The movie will be playing in Japanese theaters on November 21, 2015, and its theme song will be producing by band “Thinking Dogs”.

The movie itself is an update to a classic horror movie called Joyurei, which was released 20 years ago.  The new movie, like its classic predecessor will be directed by Tanaka Hideo, famous for directing Japanse horror classic, The Ring.

The movie poster was public released earlier today.

gekijourei movie poster,shimazaki haruka,paruru,島崎遥香,ぱるる,劇場霊

Author: reika

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  • yuna

    It would be awesome if they released this internationally because american horror films are so crappy i could puke, asian horror will save the horror movie genre.