saeki mika,佐伯美香

Halloween Night staff version election results

Akimoto Yasushi announced the results of the Halloween Night Staff Version election.

Here are the top 16 results.

[table] #,name,relationship
1,Inoue Yoshimasa (井上ヨシマサ), Song writer 作曲家
2,Makino Anna (牧野アンナ), Choreographer (振付師)
3,SEIGO, Theater Directo / product (演出家)
4,Saeki Mika (佐伯美香),AKS Employee (AKS総務部)
5,Makino Akihiro (牧野彰宏),AKS Management Producer (AKSマネジメント制作部部長)
6,Kayano Shinobu (茅野しのぶ),AKB Group Manager (AKB48グループ総支配人)
7,Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信),OTB AKB Group Customer Center (OTB AKBグループカスタマーセンター長)
8,Shiba Tomoya (芝智也),SKE48 Theater Manager (SKE48劇場副支配人)
9,Ozaki Atsushi (尾崎充), HKT48 Theater Manager (HKT48劇場支配人)
10,Imamura Etsurou (今村悦朗),NGT48 Theater Manager (NGT48劇場支配人)
11,Yuasa Hiroshi (湯浅洋),SKE48 Theater Manager (SKE48劇場支配人)
12,Kaneko Takeshi (金子剛),Yoshimoto Creative Agency; NMB48 Theater Manager (NMB48劇場支配人)
13,Kitagawa Kenji (北川謙二),North River President; AKB48 Assistant Producer (ノースリバー 代表取締役)
14,Aoki Hiroyuski (青木宏行),Kobunsha Entertainment Editor; Flash Special Chief Editor (光文社 エンタテインメント編集部編集長 FLASHスペシャル編集長)
15,Matsumura Takumi (松村匠),AKS Board Member (AKS取締役)
16,Takahashi Eiki (高橋栄樹),Letter Press / Printing (凸版印刷); Visual Solutions Director (ビジュアルソリューション開発部)

Some of the staff are a little more well known than others. The choreographers are often present in the various documentary shows, as they are the ones teaching the members during their tough lessons.

At number 4, Saeki Mika is actually a former member of AKB48’s 4th generation. The 4th generation also includes some familiar names, including Oya Shizuka, Kuramochi Asuka, Fujie Reina, Sato Amina, and Nakanishi Yuka. She graduated in 2009, due to an injury, and returned briefly to AKB48 during the Part-time AKB48 Baitoru Collaboration in late 2014.

Makino Anna (number 2) and Makino Akihito (number 5) are related: they are brother and sister!

At number 13, Kitagawa Kenji might be a familiar name because that was the title of an NMB48 single. He is also a real person!

It also seems that staff have already begun practicing. I wonder if this will be the first of many versions of Halloween Night.

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