shimazaki haruka,ぱるる,島崎遥香

Useless #1: Staff dancing, Sayanee’s face, Takamina’s twin ponytails

Welcome to a Useless News Roundup. It is basically several pieces of Useless news in one post. Unfortunately, no one was caught running today.

You might have heard that the Halloween Night staff version senbatsu has concluded (the results will be discussed in a future article, so stay tuned!). It seems that former AKB theater manager, and now current SKE manager, Yuasa Hiroshi, has already begun his dance lessons, after being selected for the #10 position.

Here, he gets a lesson from Matsui Jurina. Lucky guy!

Kotani Riho, otherwise known as Ripopo, presents us with a picture of Yamamoto Sayaka’s face.

sayanee funny face,さや姉,山本彩

Ripopo notes: “Is there something a little different about Sayaka’s face today?” (今日なんか彩いつもと顔違うくない?)

And lastly, Takahashi Minami posts a selfie on picture, which has got the internet talking.

takamina twin tails,たかみな,高橋みなみ

The picture is rare for two reasons: 1) it is not a picture of her cat, and 2) she is insanely cute (though one could say that’s true as usual).


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  • Jack

    Takamina looks 10 years younger

    • reika

      lol it’s so true.

  • Oh sayaka, what’s in your mouth?!

    • reika


  • Kazuma Hirata

    When that picture was posted, I didn’t think that was Takamina at first. But she does look so cute like that and would accept that in place of younger days when she was rocking the bow. Sayanee though… <3

  • Sam

    Is really Takamina? dear lord she looks purrrfect!!! (♥ω♥ )

    • reika

      It’s very nice picture! (^_^)