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Useless #2: Paruru’s type, Sayanee’s durability, and Yukirin’s successor?!

Get ready for another Useless News Roundup.  This time we get a look into Shimazaki Haruka’s psyche, Yamamoto Sayaka’s toughness, and the next Kashiwagi Yuki!

Entire posts could be made of just the things that Shimazaki Haruka says, but here are two new pieces for today! These both come courtesy of her 755 feed. First, we get a glimpse at the type of guy that Paruru would like as her ideal love interest.

paruru 755

Fan: “Is it time to talk about love…?  My ideal love interest is something who thinks I’m important! What about you, Paruru?”

Paruru: “(My ideal type is) Someone who has no female friends. haha”

paruru 755 01

Fan: “I don’t have any friends. What should I do to make friends?”

Paruru: “You shouldn’t say bad things about people, talk behind their backs, or engage or other bad talk.”

Well said Paruru!

Recently, it was announced on the AKB48 official blog that Kojima Haruna, and Takahashi Minami would be absent from a recent handshaking event due to sudden illness.

A recent 2ch thread pokes fun at it, but mentioned that Yamamoto Sayaka has never missed a handshaking event before.  She’s pretty stoic, also considering she’s never had more than three days off (in a row), in the last five years.

The ever incredibly stoic, Yamamoto Sayaka
The ever incredibly stoic, Yamamoto Sayaka

Sashihara Rino gives us a glimpse at the next coming of Kashiwagi Yuki. Courtesy of Sasshi’s twitter, here’s a photo Tanaka Miku:

tanaka miku,mikurin,みくりん,田中美久

Looks like someone we all know and love, right?!


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