shimazaki haruka,島崎遥香,ぱるる

Paruru disappears from the internet!

Shimazaki Haruka herself said she was going to quit using the 755 talk application about a week ago, but nothing came of it… until today!

While the web version of 755 for Paruru’s account is still available, users of the smart phone application say that she has disappeared. A screenshot from the app of Paruru’s feed:

paruru 755 ended,島崎遥香755終了

The message at the bottom says: “This talk has ended”.

There are also a number of messages that were deleted right. The messages were mainly about Paruru accidentally announcing that she was the cover for September’s issue of Popteen. Her responses are in English, Chinese, and Korean…

paruru 755 おかしい

As once net user notes: this is the same behavior that happened right before Paruru stopped posting on Google+. Most of the posts on her Instagram account seem to have been deleted as well.

Considering that she doesn’t have a Twitter account, it would seem Paruru has completely disappeared from the internet.

Author: reika

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  • Jack

    Nooo I follow her on instagram D:

    • reika

      It seems she’s still posting, but her old entries are gone!

      • Hermione48fan

        She posted later in 9th generation´s talk room on 755, she didn´t dissapear from Internet. She will probably keep using Instagram and 755 but maybe she is taking a break.

        • reika

          OK! It’s good to know (^-^)

  • yuna

    I love her so much i’m glad she posted back on instagram and she’s kinda..back on 755 yeah she did delete some photos on IG god knows what she’s going through but i hope she’s okay i don’t want her to completely stop using her SNS those are the only way we fans could talk to her :'(

    • reika

      Yes it’s too bad (T-T) I hope she becomes better soon, and that she will continue again later.