kinoshita momoka,木下百花

Useless #3: Sakura-tan’s low shot, Okada Nana’s sleeping face, Hanako’s Twitter

Useless News Roundup! This time, we get a picture of Miyawaku Sakura from down below, another spin on Okada Nana’s notoriously ugly sleeping face, and Kinoshita Momoka shows us (again) her quirky personality with her recently opened Twitter account.

How these pictures came to be, I know not, but we are glad they exist! Here’s a few photos of Miyawaku Sakura, from a notable low angle. Courtesy of Nakanishi Chiyori, ss this appears to come from Sakura’s recent appearance on Anta-dare!

miyawaki sakura,宮脇咲良

miyawaki sakura,宮脇咲良

Next up, Okada Nana is notorious for the “ugly” sleeping face, as it seems that she falls asleep in many public places very easily. While it seemed for a while that she found a solution for that problem, it seems however, that her sleeping face has much improved:

okada nana sleeping
Nana sleeping quietly again…
okada nana sleeping
She woke up…

Photos come courtesy of Komiyama Haruka, and many fans have called it her “beautiful” and “mysterious”.

Next, we have Kinoshita Momoka, a current NMB48 member, known for her… “interesting” personality. She recently opened a Twitter account, and her personality definitely shines through, which you can see here.

First thing is the name of her account “takomonogatari”, which translates to: “The Tale of Octopus”.  The profile on the account is equally interesting.

The name on the account is “Hanako”, which borrows two characters from Kinoshita Momoka’s name, but with a very different pronunciation. The profile picture is of an owl, and the profile description says: “If you work, you lose, that’s why I work. Call me Hana-chan! (gay voice).  Person’s less than 18 years old aren’t allowed to follow.  You’re also forbidden to call me anything other than Hanako.”

“I’m not Momoka!! Who the hell is that?! That person’s probably some stupid idiot”


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