Kojina Yui humps a tree? Uh, no, she’s looking at bugs.

Jiina says she’s looking for bugs, and 2ch says that Jiina is humping a tree.  What’s going on here?!

Jiina has always been a particular kind of girl, what with her very unique senbatsu speech and all.  This time, she takes the time to explain her sightings of a reportedly new species of “cicada”, which are every prevalent during Japan’s summers.

She starts off: “A new species of cicada?!” (新種の蝉、出現!? )

“Good morning! Since it’s summer time, a new species of Cicada, called the “Jiina-zemi” stopped on a tree, starting singing, so I took a picture. Every summer, it seems you see this somewhere! There’s a legend that the people who are able to see this will become extremely lucky! Maybe you’ll be able to meet one soon?” (おはじーな(▰˘◡˘▰)♪ もう夏になったということで、 新種の蝉、「じーな蝉」が木に止まって 鳴いていたので撮ってきました!! 夏になると、毎年どこかに現れるらいしの!見れた人は、ものすごい幸運が 降りてくると言う言い伝えがあるそう、、、♡ あなたも どこかで会えるかな?♪ )

A picture is worth a thousand words?

kojina yui cicada

Wow, lucky tree!

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