Useless #4: NMB winking, cheapskate Mion, skinnier Maachun, Yuutan’s boobs

Useless News Roundup: the girls of NMB48 practice their winking, Mukaichi Mion is a cheapskate, Ogasawara Mayu has lost wait, and HKT48’s Tanaka Yuka’s boobs get rubbed. Yeah.

First of all, these girls are cute, so let’s forgive their terrible winking skills. This is Shiroma Miru, Shibuya Nagisa, and Yabushita Shu.

Imgur GIF

Imgur GIF

In a theater stage which took place on the 15th, Mukaichi Mion recounts an event where she split the cost of ice cream with Komiyama Haruka. It wasn’t an exact even split and Mion had to pay 5 yen more than Komiharu. Apparently, she has been holding a grudge of that five yen ever since.

mukaichi mion
Mukaichi Mion, the cheap skate

Onto another bit of useless information: Ogasawara Mayu, better known as Maachun, was recently ridden for a few weeks. She got skinnier as a result, and some even say she got cuter!


maachun before


maachun after

I think she looks cute in both photos!

And lastly, HKT48’s Tanaka Yuka gets her boob groped by the HKT48’s Boss herself, Tanaka Natsumi.

tanaka yuka boobs


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