Wota arrested for forging IDs to watch multiple AKB concerts

Apparently, this happened during a concert in Nagasaki, which took place on December 28th of last year. A man was arrested for attempting to enter the concert multiple times using a fake ID.

Also note that this is the exact same concert, performed twice. Two concerts took place that day, and there was a rule in place where each person was only allowed to attend one concert. IDs were being checked upon entrance to enforce the rule.

However, that didn’t stop one fan from trying!

Reportedly, he used his original ID to enter the first concert. But, for the second concert he used a fake ID that he had purchased and attempted to enter the same concert again.

Shimazaki Haruka,島崎 ぱるる

And he was caught. Somehow. The article doesn’t specify how. However, both the wota who purchased the fake IDs, and the seller were both arrested.

I love AKB as much as the next fan… well, perhaps not as much as this particular fan, but how badly would you want to watch the same concert twice in a row?

What’s even more rare is that this was for a Team 8 concert! Maybe not so rare, since team 8 otaku seem to be appearing more in the news recently.

Author: reika

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