Riripon spitting out durian juice on live broadcast

What does durian juice taste like? Apparently it’s not so good, if Sutou Ririka’s reaction is anything to go by.  Courtesy YNN Galaxy live broadcast on Kawaiin TV.

More accurately, it seems that Ririka was trying durian cider — very appropriately so, to perhaps celebrate the release of NMB’s latest single, Durian Shounen. Naturally, it had the same pungent smell of durian, and Ririka is asked to take a sip.

And that’s when it all begins.

sutou ririka 01
She took a sip. Everything seems fine…

sutou ririka 02

sutou ririka 03 Ririka complete ignores anything happening and continues with a PR appeal about Durian Shounen, during which Yamamoto Sayaka laughed so hard she hits her head on a monitor:

Imgur GIF

Here’s a partial video of the scene in question:

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    my riripon :3 so adorable