Useless #5: Shimada gets engaged, fat members, and Yuko-chan’s new look

The world needs more Useless AKB48 News! Today we have: Shimada Haruka donning what appears to a be a ring on her ring finger, members who have gotten really fat, and Oshima Yuko beautiful new look during a promotional event.

Shimada Haruka recent appears in a photo with Yokohama Yui. It’s business as usual, until someone notices that she is wearing a ring.  And it is on her ring finger! A pending engagement?!?! Behold:

shimada haruka

Unfortunately, it seems the internet does not care, as many 2ch onlookers simply regard the news with indifference:

  • “Oh. Okay (apathy)”
  • “No one cares, lol.”
  • “Congratulations! Hope she’ll be happy!”
  • “This isn’t going to turn into anything, haha”
  • “Good congrats”
  • “I’m surprised this thread isn’t going anyway.”

Pictures of Team 4’s Sato Kiara are making rounds due to umm…. well, I’ll just show you:

sato kiara

And here’s a before picture, just for comparison:

sato kiara before

A recent 2ch thread begins: “Is this the body of an idol?!?”  To which the conversation turns to other bouts of our favorite idols going through phases of fatness.  Most notable, Yui-han in the past, during a no3b event:

yuihan debu

And, more recently, Takahashi Juri (on the far right):

takahashi juri debu

Maybe just a bad camera angle?

And lastly, Oshima Yuko has always been a cute one, but she recently affirms that fact with her appearance in a press event to promote her new stage play. Observe!

oshima yuko short hair

oshima yuko cute


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Author: reika

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  • yuna

    hahaha the 2ch comments are so funny

    • reika

      yeah I thought so too (^o^)

  • Jack

    Lol if that was the front camera it might be flipped. That means the ring was on her right hand.

  • h36113

    Okay, I admit to it.
    Its mine. I gave it to her and she accepted.
    She´ll leave AKB on Kohaku this year and we´ll move to Sapporo after that.

    • reika

      lol, please take good care of her (^-^)

    • Dude!! Now you have tell us about your elaborate proposal scene 😀

  • MyNameIsFire

    I doesn’t look like an engagement ring. Aren’t they typically set with diamonds? It could be just a friendship ring, you know.