majisuka 5,マジすか学園5

Majisuka Gakuen 5 details announced

So it seems that there’s a new Majisuka Gakuen coming out! But there are some unusual details about it that leave fans wondering.

First, the announcement trailer has appeared on the official AKB48 Youtube channel:

There aren’t many details so far, but here’s what is known.

There will be 10 episodes altogether, and it will start broadcasting on August 24th, 2015. It will be a continuation of Majisuka Gakuen #4, which was broadcast earlier this year, and will supposedly be a “large scale” story involving the Yakuza, Mafia, and the police!

As for the more interesting details: it seems that only the first two episodes will be broadcast on TV. The remaining episodes will only be available to watch online via paid online service Hulu. Not only that, it seems that Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko are scheduled to appear!

Oh, and there are guns now. Huh?

miyawaki sakura gun

Author: reika

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  • Jack

    Swordz, gunz

    • reika

      There were no swords before?

      • Hermione48fan

        no, in Majisuka, they never used weapons. This si why Majisuka 5 is so interesting haha.

        • reika

          Oh I see (^_^) I only watched the first one so far.

          I need to catch up now! It’s already at number 5.

          • Hermione48fan

            Sure, you must watch all the seasons, they are good!!!.And I enjoyed all of them. But because I don´t remember everything that happened in previous seasons, I really want to watch all the seasons again hehe. Except Majisuka 4, because I just finished it :). You will probably enjoy all of them!!!!.Majisuka 5 will start on August 24th, you have time to watch the previous seasons before it starts !!.

          • reika

            lol, okay, It’s good to know (^_^) I remember the first one pretty well because of the theme song; it was my favorite. I don’t even know the theme songs for the later seasons! Maybe I’ll try watching again this weekend.

          • Chris Kearney

            According to the website for the paid online service “Hulu”. It can only be accessed via persons living in the USA, so how do we non US fans get to watch Majisuka 5?

  • yuna

    So cool!! I can’t wait to see this! salt-san will all go *bang bang* and smile and *bang bang* so cool everyone is so cool and jurina’s back XD

    • reika

      lol, the guns look kind of silly, but still looks interesting (^-^)

  • Btt Nat

    Acchan and Yuko are back in Majisuka Gakuen 5

    • reika

      Yeah! Correct!

  • Shintaro Kisaragi

    English sub,,,

  • Jerryne Garcia

    I need English sub PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!