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Miyawaki Sakura’s touching response to a fan discussion

755 user “AKB Cafeteria” offers up a well-thought monologue about Miyawaki Sakura, to which Sakura herself replies with an unexpectedly heartfelt and warming response.

EDIT: included AKB Cafeteria’s initial writeup as well.

First, AKB Cafeteria’s writeup:

“#352, ‘Miyawaki Sakura discussion embolden'” (#352『宮脇咲良論 embolden』)

“How many times now is it that I’ve talked about Miyawaki Sakura? I’ve always left you strict comments. But today, I’m feeling a little different. So let’s write about that.” (何度目だろうか?宮脇咲良を語るのは。いつも君には厳しいコメントを残して来た。でも、今日は少し違う感情になっている。それを記して行こう。)

“This year also, your activity is really dazzling. Whenever I meet my friends in Kagoshima, everyone always says, ‘Sakura-chan is amazing, isn’t she?’ It’s not just my friends, but my parents said so as well. Even in my hometown of Kagoshima, you’re probably known as a wonderful idol. But, I’ve also heard people say, ‘Miyawaki Sakura has changed, hasn’t she?'”. (今年も君の活躍が、本当に眩しい。故郷・鹿児島の友人に会う度、皆が口を揃えて言う、「宮脇咲良ちゃん、すごいよね」と。いや友人だけではなく、私の両親もそう言っていた。地元・鹿児島に於いても、君はもう立派なアイドルであると呼べるだろう。でも、何人かからはこんな声も聞いた、「宮脇咲良って、変わったね。」と。)

“Last year, with your activities in HKT48 and as a concurrent AKB48 member, you became really busy. Of course, I was really happy for you. It might go without saying, but you might also say, ‘Sakura has gone to an unreachable place’. Your growth was so quick, with bewildering speed. I wondered if fans thought, ‘Did Hakata’s HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura leave us behind?’ Kibou-teki refrain went on sale last year, and you became the center. With that unstoppable momentum, when 2015 started, you became the lead character in Majisuka Gakuen 4. You were undoubtedly moving with tremendous vigor.”

“Out of all of that, there’s one historical page that I was able to witness. That was the full blown theater / musical performance of “Meijiza Sashihara Rino Chairman”. I couldn’t stop crying. It was quite possibly the most touched I’ve felt in years. In such a small amount, sometimes crying, but never wanting to stop, I was touched by the strength of HKT’s members. I was touched by your hard work. And the story: a princess captured in Tokyo, staking your life to take her back. It’s as if you were speaking about the fan’s feelings. I was really drawn to that story.”

“Lately, just a little bit, I think I’ve come to understand how you feel. This was written on my 755.”

“‘AKB Cafeteria, you’ve changed, haven’t you?'”

“At first, it was just the words of some regulars. But, really, perhaps it’s true….”

“During this years election, when I wrote the ‘Yamamoto Sayaka discussion’ piece, it was really well received. Expecting a lot of criticism, I wrote the ‘Matsui Jurina discussion’. I received a comment from Jurina herself, and my followers grew really fast. As a result, I’m not able to respond to everyone’s comments, and I’ve become much more careful with my words since then”

“There were many people who left. Even people who were really kind left critical comments. Thinking no one trusted me, my heart became worn out. But I didn’t bother going after them. I believed that in order to proceed further, I should pay attention to those who are here and not those who had left”

“I’m nameless, but that’s where I am. But for you, who at handshaking events exchange words with hundreds, if not thousands of people every week, I wonder how times you’ve been hurt? Up until now, I wonder how much worry you’ve burdened yourself with, and how many nights you’ve spent, unable to sleep? Just thinking about that makes my heart hurt.” (名も無き私が、この有り様だ。握手会で、毎週何百、いや何千人と言葉を交わす君は、これまでどれだけの傷を付けられてしまったのだろう?これまでどれだけ思い悩み、眠れぬ夜を過ごしたのだろう?

“AKB48’s Election three years ago, I was one person who voted for you. I feel happy with your current activities, and I also feel a bit of responsibility. The AKB election train is really fast. Plans are made just two days before. Working from the early morning, return to your hotel by yourself, trying to get some sleep. And then getting up early the next morning to work again. Everyday seems to repeat like that.” (3年前のAKB48選抜総選挙。私も君に投票した一人だ。だから、現在の君の活躍には喜びを感じて止まないが、と同時に責任も感じている。AKBの選抜列車は、もの凄いスピードだ。2日前に突然決まるスケジュール。早朝からのお仕事を終え、一人ホテルの部屋に戻り、真夜中に睡眠時間を削って振り入れ。そして、また次の日も早朝からのお仕事。それを繰り返す毎日だ。)

“Even during those extremely busy days, when I look at you from that perspective, you haven’t changed at all. You’re always nervous, you’re always hesitant, and you’re terrible at exercise, like usual. Your singing is off, and you make mistakes in your dance moves. Plus, you always just memorize your election speeches. Honestly, I think you still have a long way to go. But you know, that’s just like you. I really love that Miyawaki Sakura. I suppose you really believe the phrase, ‘In everyone’s heart, let sakuras bloom!’ I’m really looking forward to your activities in Tokyo as AKB48, and as a representative of HKT48 and your hometown of Kagoshima. Sakura, good luck!!” (そんな慌ただしい日々の中でも、私の視点からすると、君は全く何にも変わっていない。いつも緊張してるし、いつもおどおどしてるし、相変わらず運動オンチだし、歌も外すし、振りもまだ間違うし、総選挙スピーチも丸暗記しちゃうし。正直、君はまだまだだと思う。でもね、それが君なんだ。そんな宮脇咲良が、私は大好きだ。そんな君は、本気でこう想っているのだろう。「私じゃない、皆さんの心に、さくら咲け!」と。これからも、HKT48の代表、そして故郷・鹿児島の代表として、東京・AKB48での活躍も、楽しみにしています。咲良、きばいやんせ‼︎)

Sakura’s response is as follows:

“I was moved to tears looking at Cafeteria-san’s ‘Miyawaki Sakura discussion'”. (カフェテリアさんの宮脇咲良論をみて、涙ぐんでしまいました。)

“In fall of last year, I become the center for Kibou-teki Refrain. I didn’t even have time to breathe as I was also starring in Majisuka Gakuen 4” (去年の秋に希望的リフレインでダブルセンターになり、息をつく間も無くマジすか学園4のダブル主演。)

“Honestly, I can’t say that I didn’t notice the public’s reactions. I’ve always been in a certain place, so when I went somewhere different, a lot of things changed. Up until now, even with all the sayings that I couldn’t pick up, in the place that I am now, the responses have been bigger than I ever expected. There have been some people who, at handshaking events, have told me, ‘You’ve changed, haven’t you?’, and then never came back.” (正直、周りからの反響は気にしてないなんて言えなかったです。今までの場所と違う場所にいくと、色んなことが変わりました。今までだったら取り上げられない発言も、今の場所だと自分が思っている以上に反響が大きい。変わったね。って言われて私の握手会から去っていってしまう人だっていました。)

“The place where I cry has always been in the bath. For whatever reason, I don’t want people to see me cry, so when I’m in the bath, if I’m crying, it won’t look like I’m crying. I was so desperate to believe that with that flowing water, my weaknesses would flow away with it, and I’d find myself even stronger.” (いつも、泣き場所はお風呂でした。何となく誰かにみられたくなくて、お風呂場だったら泣いていても泣いてるように見えないから。流れる水と一緒に弱い気持ちを流して、強い自分になろうと必死でした。)

“I came to Tokyo by myself really suddenly. Of course, I had no friends. Even now, when I return to my dark room, I unconsciously look for my family.” (急に東京へ一人で出てきて、もちろん友達なんていなくて、今でも真っ暗な部屋に帰るとつい家族の姿を探してしまいます。)

“I’m definitely a normal 17 year old. With only my dreams in sight, I came running. From now own, that’s what I want to do.” (私は、きっと普通の17歳。自分の夢だけをみて、走ってきました。これからも、そうしたいと思っています。)

“My running is weird and slow, and I don’t know where the goal in front of me is.” (走り方は変で遅いし、どこが前でどこがゴールなのかも分かりません。)

“But I believe my dreams will come true, and that’s why I want to continue. At the moment, I haven’t been able to do anything, but I want to continue onward with all of you.” (いつか夢が叶うと信じて、これからも走り続けたいと思います。今はまだ何も出来ないけど、皆さんと一緒に。)

“Cafeteria-san, thanks also for giving me this opportunity to ‘face’ you.” (カフェテリアさん、自分自身と向き合う機会をくださり、ありがとうございます。)

“I’ve still got work today. I’ll do my best!” (今日もまだまだお仕事。頑張ってきます!)

A small sample of the response online:

  • “Uhhhhh, my tears won’t stop. Sakura-tan has been crying all that time? I didn’t know. Sakura-tan, don’t worry, we’ll protect you!”
  • “That’s a very good piece of writing”
  • “Miyawaki is definitely reading AKB49”
  • “That’s pretty crazy that a 17 year old is worried about this kind of thing”
  • “That’s just luck her. A wonderful response!”
  • “It’s scary how well she writers for a 17 year old”

I think I’m becoming a Sakura fan. Oh no! (^-^)

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    So much hard work for a teenager,yet she always tries her best for her fans.頑張ってさくらちゃん❗️

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    Beautiful answer. She shows us her inner beauty.

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    This was really interesting. A very heart felt answer from her. Sakura is working hard. Does anybody have a link to Cafeteria-san discussions about Jurina and Sayanee? I would love to read more of this person’s thoughts.

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      I’ll look for it later (^^)

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    She is so nice, i was so moved. The first time i noticed sakuratan she was so tiny and i saw her on AKBINGO, how time flies so fast look at that tiny sakuratan now :’) she hasn’t only grown into a fine lady but a nice lady inside and out ^_^

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